things you thought you'd never do but do!

my children werent having dummies, eugh dummies were just awful and if they did have a dummy then it would be one dummy and that was that and it would immediately be removed after sleeps

fast forward to L being born and having had no sleep AT ALL for 4 days and recovering from a crash section and he had a TT and my nips were ripped to shreds and i vividly remember sat crying trying to get him to take the dummy, he took it and 2 years later had 5 (!) that we had to wean off him Weep, anyway he NEVER slept and he did if he had the dummies so thats how he ended up with 5 Laugh

now at 4 he is so shocked that he used to have a dummy!

what about you


  • I don't really think I had anything I said I'd never do. I never thought I'd breastfeed and ended up doing so pretty much exclusively until 6m and only stopped completely a few weeks ago. Wasn't keen on dummies but they are my life saver. The only thing I said I wouldn't do was give jars of food regularly and I don't, he's never had a jar but has had an EK pouch occasionally. I also do far too much cosleeping and cbeebies for my liking but hey, it keeps him quiet!

  • Wasn't going to have dummies either, but J needed one at 8 weeks, as he was so chompy. Luckily, he came off it at 6 months, but even now, I feel gutted that I gave in, and gave him a dummy.

    I think that's the only thing TBH. I only really had 2 things I have never been a fan of (dummies and co-sleeping), and I only gave in with the dummy.

  • You do what you need to do to survive!

  • Dummies but A has one as it was the only thig that stopped the constant screaming when she was a newborn Weep

  • I never thought I would long for A to take a bottle or a dummy, but I do. She flat out refuses both and its such a strain. I'm happy BF her, really I am, but I wouldn't mind someone being able to take her for a few hours and give her a bottle so I can go to the doctor/dentist/hairdresser etc.

    I'd also love for her to take a dummy as currently she uses my little finger to suck on to settle which is a real pain (literally, at the moment. First tooth has emerged!)

    I never thought I'd wish for those things, but I do on most days!

  • abdolutely DS, dummies were my lifesaver!

  • Cosleeping. With big S I had no choice, he'd only sleep on me. This time we did after the 3am feed. I always thought it was making a rod for your own back blah blah but both have happily gone in own cots thankfully!

  • Can I ask why you initially didn't want to use a dummy? Is it just the thought of weaning them off it? Alot of people have asked me if we will be 'giving' a dummy and it hadn't even crossed my mind. We have a couple that came with the steriliser and bottles and I'm happy to use if need be. Just not sure what the 'badly viewed' aspect is?

  • Let him be so reliant on the tv.

    Still be carrying him places at 38.5 weeks pregnant.

    Let him drink so much juice (albeit very very diluted)

    Ummm, that's about it this time. I think I'll break even more of my own rules with the next one just for an easy life.

  • Let them eat in the pushchair

  • Missdeedee for me I just don't really like the look of them plus I hate seeing toddlers and even older children playing and talking with them in. I'm determined to only let A use hers for sleeps and emergencies (in church, on a plane and she's really grouchy with nothing else working) Laugh

  • Mine was eating junk food. But she has the odd packet of crisps but has far too many chips with sauce for my liking.

  • Bridget Gump

    Let him be so reliant on the tv.

    Still be carrying him places at 38.5 weeks pregnant.

    Let him drink so much juice (albeit very very diluted)

    Ummm, that's about it this time. I think I'll break even more of my own rules with the next one just for an easy life.

    all of these!

  • I too didn't want E to have a dummy, and she has 4 (2 in the cot,  one in the carseat and a spare for my bag). Otherwise all the other things I rambled on about,  I've kept up.  Except BF but I don't really feel I had a choice there.

    In positive way.. never thought I'd brave a costume to take my teeny baby swimming,  or be interested in a sign and sing class,  never thought I'd be so keen to carry E in a sling.  Never thought I'd buy second hand clothes and open top up her wardrobe this way! 

  • The other day I licked the salt off a crisp and gave it to C because she was trying to grab it. My older two never had crisps until they were about 3 and only then at parties!!

  • Some of things I said I've stuck too & some I haven't! I never said 'never' about anything though!

    At 19 months I've managed to stick to just giving her water & milk (well soya as she's not big on cows milk), never needed to give a dummy or give formula ~ I'm obviously not judging anyone for these things, just things I'd managed to do.

    Whereas I gave junk food much earlier than I intended, I don't know what I'd do without Peppa Pig on days when I'm not feeling well or every day when I cook dinner!

  • I flipping hate dummies, my baby wasnt having a dummy unless I got no sleep for weeks on end and it was a last resort. Day 2 he had a dummy but due to being stabbed with a needle daily for blood tests and being left alone in neonatal so a dummy was the only comfort I could provide when I wasn't there.

    I didn't think I'd be so determined to bf and fight tooth and nail to make it work as I have no issues with formula but somehow I felt very stubborn.

    I thought I'd be happy to let my parents look after him quite regularly but I'm not.

  • tv time - I swore I wouldn't have the tv on all the time but it is on. a lot. my defence is that it is the only way to help boost the kids exposure to H's native language but it still grates how much they watch.

  • Catch sick in my hands!

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