Those that bf 2 or more

After you fed your first, did feeding the second come naturally? Did you remember what you were doing?

A self weaned at 15 months when I was 6 months pregnant with L so it was just a couple of months gap and I didn't have any problems feeding him until he weaned at a year. So it will be nearly 3 years since I've bf with number 3 arrives and I'm worried I won't remember what to do. I mentioned it to my mw before and she just sort of dismissed me with well you've done it twice before. 

I honestly can't remember much about latching a newborn! Will it come back to me easily? Or will it be like starting with number 1 again?


  • I have a 3.5 year age gap and finished BFing my first at 20 months. Thought I knew what to do but then I realised I was trying to latch a newborn on like an older baby, as that was the last feeding experience I had had. Also, feeding is a skill that needs to be learned by both baby and mother so it does take time to perfect. Obviously having done it before gives you a big advantage but there is definitely still lots to learn. (My second also had a tongue tie so getting feeding established was much trickier - we are still going now at 22 months and tbh if she had been my first I'm not sure I would have had the knowledge/determination to stick with it as I knew feeding shouldn't be as hard as it was and pushed for a TT diagnosis)

  • I fed A till he self weaned at just 2 years which was a couple of months before I got pregnant with R - so about 11 months gap between feeding - I found that i really did just 'know' what i was doing 2nd time round without thinking about it - i just held him and latched him on in the same way I had with A (who i struggled to feed due to TT) - R also had a TT but because i knew how to feed it was just easier.

  • 2nd time was a lot more instinctive for me, with roughly a 2 year gap.

  • I never managed to get no1 latched on so had no direct experience. No 2 latched on fine from day 1 and we never had any problems

  • I had a *counts on fingers* 18 month gap between feeding A and M being born. It's come very easy to me, I felt a little rusty at first but was doing my first public feed on day 4 this time and in front of friends/family on day 1, so if that's a measure then it was fine. Weirdly I couldn't remember what it was like to feed a newborn before she was here but it soon cam flooding back. I had been blessed with two great feeders though.

  • I''m still feeding A at 9 months, but would have no idea how to get a newborn to latch!  I was at my friends the other day with her 2 week old, and I noticed that how she feeds him is completely different to how I now feed A!

  • I had a 3.5 year gap between weaning no 1 and bf no 2. It was quite instinctive but the first couple of weeks were very painful! I had a massive very hungry baby who was latched for hours.

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