Those that got really big when pregnant....

Hi all, i am 23 weeks pregnant with twin boys and am already getting pretty big...... ok pretty massively enormous.  I have put on some weight that isn't bump but not tons and tons, i am starting to find a lot of maternity tops are riding up my bump what did you do? is it worth ordering a bigger size? tops fit everywhere else in fact already having gone up to a 12 are slightly big on my boobs, shoulders and arms but are lacking in length and tight on bump. 

H reckons i should just buy some massive smocks and ponchos and relish in my belly full of babies, however with Christmas meals and drinks out coming up i would like something nice to wear, problem is most shops don't keep much maternity wear in so i keep chancing it online and am then disappointed. Help. xx


  • What about those maternity like belt kinda things they are like material that you wear around your waist just look like extra material? I am not sure what they are called hope someone else knows or I'll google It?

  • I found this too in my last pregnancy even though I wasn't massive, especially new look stuff. This time I've bought in a slightly bigger size, it works for tight fitting stuff, baggier stuff looks silly. Next tops don't seem to have any growing room in them, I returned a couple as had no idea where my bump would fit in them.

  • could you choose more tunic style dresses to wear with leggings or jeans and trousers rather than shorter tops. to give more length? or dresses for nights outs. Do you need work wear or casual stuff?

  • The bump bands CC mentions are a good idea to cover up the gap - I had some from New Look when I was pg, although that was 5 years ago now so no idea if they still sell them - it was a 3 pack with black, white and grey bands for about £10.

  • I live in cheap Primark stretchy vest tops in big sizes and wear them under clothes. They keep my belly warm! :)
  • Exactly as custard says.

    Get a few cheap Primark strappy vests. They're about £2 each. Nice and stretchy, wear them under your tops, also useful for once baby arrives if you are bfing as keep your tummy covered while you lift your top up to bf

  • I also love the Primark vests. They are great for bfing aswell.

    I also wear a lot of their stretchy tshirts, they have short and long sleeve in a load of colours. Just now I live in them with patterned scarves and cardigans.

  • I used the bump bands with my first. I had huge bump with a huge baby inside. Nothing fitted at the end x

  • i live in long tops and leggings at the moment!

  • Sorry i didn't get back on yesterday, thanks for all the suggestions, feel a shopping trip for vest tops, tunics and bump bands coming on,certainly more attractive than a huge smock. xx

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