Those who had a straight forward labour with #1...

Did you have an easy / straightforward labour with number 2? 


  • Kind of. Pretty straightforward with my eldest and despite being twins my second labour was fairly text book for a twin delivery (very lucky) but was very quick and super brutal!! I found pushing the twins out so much easier than pushing with my eldest - my body just knew what it wanted to do and did it.  

  • I had an easy labour with number 1 which was induced.  Number 2 was a spontaneous labour but baby was facing the wrong way and in distress and i ended up in theatre for forceps.  Number 3 however flew out after an hour long labour lol

  • Number 1 was straightforward despite being induced, and number 2 was also straightforward with spontaneous labour.

  • Yes. 1 induced and 1spontaneous but both straightforward x

  • This is what I am hoping for!!

  • That's what I'm hoping for aswell MrsB!

    Just wondered if number one is easy if number 2 came fairly easy!

  • Yes first labour was all ok, about 9 hours long.

    Second time was pretty perfect and only 3 hours long.  

    YOull be fine :-)

  • My H is worried that this one's going to be too quick bless him. Isla was 5 hours from start to finish.

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