Those with 2+ children

If you have 1 of each already did you have a preference to the thirds gender? Did you find out the gender before birth?


  • I had one of each and had no preference.  That said, if I'd been able to pick one off a shelf I'd have picked a girl.  I am such a girly girl and loved dressing O up and missed it!  As it turns out I had a girl but would have been no way disappointed by a boy.  I didn't find out the sex in advance.

  • I had one of each as you know. Would have liked a 2nd girl because A really wanted a sister, I had a name I loved and wanted to use and girl's clothes are nicer lol. So all daft reasons and we weren't really bothered. We found out it was a boy and A was very upset - am glad we found out as it gave her time to get used to it

  • I had one of each and my third was a boy. We didn't find out and really had no preference. The only reason I may have said a girl is exactly te same as Ally. I would have liked to give A a sister. In saying that she really gets on with her brothers and is such a mum to them!

  • I have 2 boys and a girl and if I could choose i'd love another girl next time round, mainly so she has someone to do girly things with  - 3 brothers and she will definitely be a tomboy! although this is no bad thing!

    plus girls clothes are so much more fun!!

  • I found out the gender of my third because my third turned out to be twins and I wanted to get organised. I had no real preference but I was a teeny bit excited that they were girls!

  • Thanks all.

    I'd like another girl, mainly for A. I always wanted a sister while growing up and even now when I see the relationships my friends have with sisters I always think it would be nice.

    In my head the baby is a boy though!

  • I have one of each and although I didn't find out sex for those two I'd be tempted to third time round so I could organise bedrooms. If I had another boy we'd have to move bedrooms. Although I wouldn't be bothered either way I think I'd like another boy.

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