Those with constipated baby's

After having 5ml of lactulose a day O is still fairly constipated. Today be has had tmi...a clear out as painful as it was he is settled. He has slept for nearly 4 your little this do this after opening their bowels??


  • F doesn't necessarily sleep but he is a happier! Probably exhausted him, be grateful if the peace :)

  • Bless him. If its taking some time ask for movicol instead, it did wonders with H x

  • M a tip I got which seems to help when he needs to go is to soak some cotton wool in warm water and gently rub it around baby's bum. This relaxes the muscles and helps them go.

  • Flip, that might explain orla's behaviour.  She had a big clear out - my lucky mum offered to change her and then Orla decided to continue with the process, my mum has gone home in my clothes :lol: - and then slept for about 5 hrs.  So apparently yes, she does.

  • It would make sense, it's hard sleeping with constipation (I'm struggling at the moment) so a proper rest after feels great I bet!

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