Thumb suckers.....

Already it looks like O is a thumb sucker. He favours it over the dummy. I'd much rather him have a dummy than his fingers or thumb as later down the line you can get rid of the dummy. So far I've been turning over the scratch mitten bit of his baby grow....anyone else got other ideas?? He is nearly 12 weeks xx


  • If you'd really rather he didn't suck his thumb then I imagine continuing with the scratch mitten idea would work. I started this with N when he was 7 months and started sucking his fingers but he was teething badly and that was his only comfort so I caved. He still sucks them when he is tired and he is 4! The good thing is they are a real comfort when he is upset or tired and as a baby he always self settled. I suppose as long as he's not upset by you stopping him it's fine, maybe you could try giving him another comforter like a taggy or teddy?

  • That's a good idea re the taggy blanket etc. I'm reluctant to suck fingers because my nephew did this and his tooth is really wonky and high up in his gum because of him sucking his finger. Once he has a dummy he is quite happy, I'm just trying to break the habit really. I guess ultimately if in the night he want to suck it, he will, but trying not to encourage it.

  • Maybe just let him do it if he's tired and going to sleep if he needs to but pull his hand away if he does it at any other time. N's teeth are ok at the moment but I suppose the next couple of years will be telling.

  • I'm afraid at 12 weeks I would just let him do it. Especially if it comforts him. He's still so little. Probably not what you wanted to hear though.

  • Have to say i agree with MrsB. If thumb sucking is what gives him comfort and maked him feel safe i would let him do it (and i have a 4yo daughter who still finger sucks!!) X

  • To me thumb sucking was a positive.  Immediate comfort for them wherever they are, don't have to remember to carry dummies, no worry about losing them etc.  At that age I wouldn't want to be taking away what is effectively their comforter.

  • I agree, W looks like he might suck his fingers, and I'd much rather it was his fingers than a dummy. It is possible to get them to stop as they get older! I was a thumb sucker when I was wee and it didn't do me any harm at all! :-) I think it's best to let them do what comforts them now as they are only wee after all!

  • If I had my time again, I'd have stopped F's thumb-sucking ASAP as it caused lots of problems with her teeth. It's a shame as a thumb is such a handy (pardon the pun!) comforter!

    I was also a thumb-sucker as a child and the buck teeth and braces caused no end of bullying and required years of dental treatment.

  • It isn't a given though that it will cause teeth problems.  I am still a thumb sucker and have never had to have a brace.  

  • Little S is a thumb sucker already at 3 months and his big brother still hasn't stopped at 4.5! Big S fortunately has no dental issues and neither did I despite sucking my thumb until 10. I wonder if much of it is luck rather than directly related.

    Obviously much harder to get them to stop sucking thumb than dummy but much easier when they can find their thumb in the night and don't wake you to get their dummy

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