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Well ladies it's Thursday, but today at work is our Xmas market so we are allowed to dress down, which is normally reserved for Fridays. So today I will mostly be thinking its Friday and crying when my alarm goes off tomorrow :-(

baby by wise nothing from me, although I did forget I was pregnant for a bit last night which was weird! 


  • Monnie enjoy the Xmas fair. Sounds like a nice day. Is tomorrow scan day?

    I slept like a log last night, best nights sleep I've had in ages. I feel like a new person today- cue the worrying!! Haha! I don't feel as sick but I think that's cos I slept so well.

    Got the most boring day, a full afternoon of networking and standing around at a conference. Really can't be bothered, I'll be shattered when I get home from all the standing up.

  • Yes tomorrow is scan day,

    And for work today I was wearing my new maternity outfit, and then spilt porridge down my top :-(

    Your day doesn't sound fun I'm afraid?

    Mine will be working until  12 then the company are handing out drinks and mince pies, and we have lots of stalls coming in, and father Xmas will be there lol people can bring in their children for the afternoon! It beats working lol!

  • Your day sounds lovely,  I'm jealous! Is your spillage noticeable?

  • morning ladies

    monnie - day sounds much better than working! I have my worst day this week today so am not happy.

    Imp - my H normally works nights but hes on days today so i had to share the bed with him. Hes like a fish out of water so I've not had the best sleep.

    AFM - I had my first real "omg, I'm actually going to be sick" moment last night and had to run and hug the toilet. Luckily I didnt actually throw up but my tummys felt really on edge since. To make it worse, I was eating my favourite meal :( I'm now put off it.

    Had a question for you ladies, I have my scan on Tuesday which I think will date me back, but it may not, by my dates I'm 11+4 and by my early scan dates I would be 12+2 today. I'm getting larger... but not weighing more (i checked this morning haha, I've lost 10lbs since start of pregnancy). My mother in law calls it "thickening round the middle" to which my H has translated as fat. My tummy feels like its bumped out. Its rounded completely and I was wondering if this was normal for 12 weeks? I googled images of 12 week bumps and people have noticable bumps at this stage, when the baby is only the size of a plum though it feels a little OTT. Also I was already a size 16-18 so you just end up looking like you've gained 2 stone.

  • Some people show quite clearly at 12 weeks.  I didn't last time, I had a little bump and was more comfy in mat trousers but I wouldn't say I looked pregnant unless you knew.

  • Morning ladies :)

    Mon - your day sounds smashing, I hope you don't get too tired though

    Imp - your day in comparison to Mon's sounds boring :( I hope you manage to stay awake and you have comfy boots/shoes on

    Ww - I'm the same size as you and I have got much bigger, stomach looks like I am a lot further along than the 11+2 I am :(

    AFM - I've got a [email protected] day at work we have some training and tests on Money Laundering regulations, treating customers fairly, data protection etc, I hate having to sit in on these things, my mind wanders and I can't concentrate, even worse with being pregnant and a headache again this morning, have to concentrate otherwise I may not pass the tests and that's not good when its to do with my job gahhhhh.

    Hope everyone else has a more enjoyable day xx

  • Leelee those tests sound rubbish. I used to work for a bank and had to do all of those too, I don't envy you!

  • Monnie - Enjoy your afternoon, sounds lovely!

    Imp - Glad you managed to sleep well. Hope this afternoon goes quickly for you.

    Wishful - I think everyone's different. I've known people who you can tell are way before 12 weeks.

    Leelee - Hopefully the day goes quickly for you too. Sounds boring!

    AFM - Wishing the day away for me too! Can't wait for it to be over already. Had really bad cramps last night, woke up and noticed them and they were really painful. They've gone now, but they are the most intense I've had them. They mustn't of lasted long as I fell straight back to sleep. Anyone else find them quite scary though? Felt quite queasy this morning, its when I get up and I'm pottering around to get ready. By the time I've hit my car for the commute into work I seem to be OK again.

  • Good morning ladies, my last working day of the week today, woooo!

    Monnie, I'm very jealous of your Christmassy afternoon. Sounds lovely!

    Imp, glad you had a lovely sleep. Hope your conference doesn't drag.

    WW, how exciting that you have a little bump!

    LL, hope your day goes more quickly than expected. Treat yourself to something lovely this evening when you finish!

    Pep, my cramps have been quite bad. The worse ones I had were the night I got my BFP. I was convinced AF was on the way. It's your body stretching to accommodate your baby :)

    AFM, tired and hungry still. The sickness feeling has eased quite a bit now. If I don't eat as soon as the hunger pangs start I don't feel sick anymore, I just stay hungry lol. Looking forward to not working tomorrow, but will have to blitz the shops as it's H's birthday next week and I haven't got him anything yet! No idea where to start either.

    Hi to all who follow!


  • Figaro - I've had them fairly consistently. But last nights really were something else, felt like I wanted to get a hot water bottle for them.

    When can we all relax :-(? Aside from having baby in our arms. I don't know if I'll start relaxing and not worrying after early scan, or if it will end up being much later on than that. I just want to enjoy rather than worry all the time.

  • Pepperoni
    When can we all relax :-(? Aside from having baby in our arms. I don't know if I'll start relaxing and not worrying after early scan, or if it will end up being much later on than that. I just want to enjoy rather than worry all the time.

    I don't know Pep, I think everyone is different.  I know I won't be able to relax until I hold my baby, but I think if I hadn't experienced everything I had then I would probably relax after about 12 weeks.

  • i dont think i will relax until at least 24 weeks !

  • Morning all!

    Monnie - Your Xmassy day sounds great, hope you spillage isn't too noticeable!

    Imp - Hope you aren't too tired after a day of standing up. I felt really sick this morning, but now feel loads better :S

    WW - I have a mini bump appearing. Those who know can see it, but don't think it is noticeable to people who don't!

    LeeLee - Hope your day goes quickly!

    Pep - Between 3 and 7 weeks I was getting really bad 'I have to go to the toilet right now' cramps. I think a lot of it was stretching and also my body getting used to the pregnancy vitamins. Has eased off a lot now.

    Fig - Glad the sickness has subsided a bit, hope you get your shopping for Hubby done!

    AFM, felt very sick this morning, but only the little sips of water I had came up. Now feeling a lot better though :S I have had some mid brownish discharge this morning, my H keeps assuring me that it is normal, but it is worrying to say the least!

    Scan in just over 2 weeks, don't think I will properly relax until after the 20 week scan though!

  • Good afternoon :)

    Monnie, I'm jealous of your Christmas-y day!

    Imp, I hope the afternoon isn't as abysmal as you're expecting.

    WW, I'm at about the same point as you, and I started out as a size 16, and I will agree that the beginnings of the bump just mean you start to look fat :(  I haven't gained any weight either, but I do feel like my belly is slightly bigger.  Trousers still fit, but I'm wearing demi-panel mat jeans anyways because they're so comfortable!  I think at 12 weeks if you've never had a baby before your uterus will only just be outside the pelvic bone.  Usually the people who get the early bumps have been pregnant before and their bellies just pop out.  When I lie down flat I think I can feel the uterus just above the pelvic bone now.. I have a filling it's just pushing all my fit further up so its more noticeable, hah!

    Leelee, good luck with the tests, and I hope your headache stays away!

    Pep, I haven't had any bad cramps, but could definitely understand how they would make you worry, but it's likely nothing, especially if it went quickly.  I don't think you'll ever be able to relax, even when baby comes, it's just going to be different kinds of worry forever.  I think it's a part of being a parent.  You're doing everything in your power to provide for your baby.  While it's still developing there's only so much you CAN do.  

    Vix, I think your H is right!

    AFM, definitely have a cold.  bugger.  and to make it worse, I've had to walk the dog in the rain the last few days, which can't be helping.  I think I have relaxed to a certain degree since having the 12wk scan.  Obviously anything out of the ordinary will worry me, but I'm no longer worried by my lack of symptoms, and I'm not overly worried about the results of the test, knowing baby's nuchal fold was small and I'm 29, I don't expect we'll be high risk.  And it's just nice to have people know!  We won't announce on facebook until the 20 wk scan, but I'm so glad our families are in the know now, and close friends, too.  

    My mom has asked me to register for gifts, so that family in Canada and the States can order things for us.  I know it's quite common for people to buy gifts for babies even in the UK, but when we were getting married there always seemed to be a general disdain for gift lists on Hitched and the 2013 brides facebook group.  How would you all feel towards baby gift lists?  Obviously there are things we need, things we won't need, and things we would prefer, so to me a gift list does make sense, and it makes it easier for overseas family as they can just order off John Lewis (for example) and it comes straight to us in one big delivery whenever we're ready for it.  I don't know, I feel like even the mention of gift lists in the UK causes backlash..  

  • I know this is probably pretty pointless but I'm just going to say hi to everyone anyways. I can't really get on during the day so miss most of you.

    Hope everyone is doing ok xxxxxx

  • Nice to see you Candy. Hope you are OK xxx

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