Thursday 2nd Tri

Not sure if I'm being blind or if there really isn't a thread for today? Where is everyone?

My consultant appointment got cancelled today (rang me at 10.15am to tell me my 11.30am wasn't happening!!) - not too happy but nothing I can do about it now. Ridiculous that the midwife and the lady I spoke to at my 12w scan wanted me to see a consultant ASAP and the first attempt was way back on 28th February. The rescheduled one is now 17th April so another whole month to wait - just hope baby doesn't put too much strain on my pelvic muscles and cause any issues in the mean time. -fingers crossed-


  • Huh, what happened to all the 2nd tri ladies today??  Didn't want to leave you lonely, PS, but sorry to hear about the appointment.  My fingers are crossed that everything is fine for the next month.

  • Sorry PS, I was just browsing whilst waiting in the car and so wanted to offer some sympathy too. That sucks. Do you have any redress? Would an assertive chat with GP or MW do any good? Seems very unfair on you.

  • Indeed, where IS everyone?!

    Sorry about your appointment pupster (<- oo new autocorrect!).  Do you have any special pelvic floor excises you're supposed to do? I guess that will all be disussed in your appointment!

    Hi Wispa and Counter, hope 3rd tri is treating you well. Counter you sound busy as ever on FB so I hope you're looking after yourself!

    AFM - I feel babies! They say you can feel twins earlier as every this is that much bigger sooner, and I can! It is very gentle but happens throughout the day and has been going on all week so I am pretty certain the flutters, twitches and vibratation are the twins getting their wriggle on. Gender scanon Saturday. Very excited for that!

  • Aww thank you Wispa and Counter for not leaving me abandoned in here!! Much appreciated ;)

    Midwife was unimpressed I still hadn't seen the consultant when I went to my 16 week appointment with her on Tuesday so I'm dreading telling her it's been pushed back again til I'm almost 20 weeks! I don't think much can be done about it though, she offered me a date sooner but it was with the first consultant I saw back in Feb who told me that they didn't know the answers and that I had to see this head consultant guy instead and the first appointment she said he had available was 17th April so I just agreed to it.

    Just seems silly that they say it's really important and I need to be seen ASAP and now I'm looking at only getting my first meeting with him when I'm almost halfway through - so frustrating!!

    Ducky - I'm slightly jealous you can feel the sprouts already, I really hope the gender scan goes well and you find out their sexes! I already have pelvic floor exercises to do that I have to do regularly but I've not been told if I need to do anything different now I'm pregnant.

  • Sorry to hear of the cancelation PS, rubbish. Hope things go ok in the meantime. It's not you're fault, it's the consultants, maybe your midwife can push things from her end?

    Hi wispa and counter!

    Ducky, every time I put ducky in my phone it autocorrects it to sucky!! Wow, great that you can feel babies. Midwife asked me in Tuesday if I could feel anything, but I can't.

    I have my consultant apt tomorrow, so well see what they want to talk to me about.

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