Thursday 2nd tri

Nobody has started yet as far as I can see so I'll kick off. Morning ladies!

I'm off work today using up holiday that can't be transferred to next Year. I've got a midwife appt first thing where I'll hopefully hear the heartbeat, so I'm looking forward to that. Then I'm trying to sort some Christmas shopping out, I really have to get it sorted this time! In pants news H has pulled his back really badly and can barely move, so all picking up of J is now my job, including any night get-ups. :-( fortunately he was very good last night and didn't need me up at all, go-Jacob!

Waves to all who follow.


  • OMG I just work the the biggest reply and pressed cancel!!!! Baby brain! They should really move that button!

    SG- have you heard the heartbeat before today?

    Hope mr SG gets better soon, and you be careful with the lifting!

    Afm I felt some strong movements yesterday which is nice, and I'm hoping for a quiet day at work as I need to write my Xmas cards!!

  • Abc enjoy the heart beat. I love that bit!

    Monnie I've done that several times! Yay for movement. No work today and H is off. Have rescan later, hopefully wriggly bum will co operate this time. Also going to try and fit in shopping, toddler ice skating session at the outdoor rink and soft play later. Toddler skating is them sitting on a ride on thingy and you skating pushing them. I'm going to watch with a hot chocolate!!
  • Morning SG, enjoy your day off. Not good about your H hope he feels better soon

    Monnie, yay for big movements!

    AR i thought for a sec you were going ice skating Laugh hope scan goes well, that's one busy day you have. Hope your voice has returned

    Well after almost a fortnight off work I'm back today boo. M has nursery Christmas trip today so just getting all set to drop her for that. All well with baby I think, kicking and wriggling.

    Hi to all on later x

  • Haha weekender last thing then need is a pregnant lady cracking the ice!! Hope work goes ok and M enjoys her trip.
  • Morning,

    SG- Poor H. yay to Jacob not getting up though! Hope the midwife app goes well and you get to hear the heartbeat. It still amazes that you can hear it.

    Monnie- So annoying when that happens! Enjoy those movements!

    AR- Another lovely day planned for you. Hope the toddler ice skating goes well, it sounds fun! Good luck for the rescan, its lovely seeing little one again. On our first 20 week scan she was so wriggly and feet were right down in my pelvis, 3 days later she was much calmer and totally changed postion.

    Weekender- Boo to being back at work! but not long until xmas :) Hope M enjoys her trip, is it somewhere nice?

    AFM- Had a Indian out witht he gils last night which was lovely. Had so many kicks and movement yesterday my belly was actually making waves, when I tried to record it to show H it stopped, typical! Handed in my Maternity letter yesterday, feel better now, don;t really know why I was worried. I have decided to leave the 28th Feb as hopefully will be moving house bfore she arrives so want some time to sort that too.

  • SG - I was thinking what a lovely day that sounded like, then I read about hubby's back. Poor him!!!! (and poor you). And big yay to wee Jacob lol.

    Monnie - good news re movements, and love that you'll be writing xmas cards at your desk. fingers x'd for a quiet day.

    AR, sounds like a lovely day. And you can't beat a good hot choc (wrapped up in the warm ha ha)

    WE - do you have many 2013 days left? And do you work over Christmas? What's M's nursery trip?

    AFM, hubby just did 2 nights so I don't sleep quite as well without him (though you'd think his comedy-snoring (snort-whistle, snort-whistle...) and elbowing me in the face would be to the detriment of my sleep!), glad he's off now. He'll get up about 4pm and then I have him all to myself until his next shift 5am Monday morning. So I am very happy. Harry has got his first weekend off since he started his job in September so I feel very privileged to have a lovely family weekend coming up!!!

  • Ooh sorry bertie, I take ages to post because I have to keep coming back to it, so I missed you there. Nice to have the letter in, it's a big thing out of the way. I love house moves!! (though I don't say that when it's happening) exciting year next year for you :D

  • Bertie, tell all about house moves! The big movements are fab aren't they?

    Counter, enjoy the lovely family weekend!

    M is away to a puppet theatre today, I'd never heard of it but apparently it's really good. She was more excited about going on a bus than the show haha.

    Counter, I've got a half day to work tomorrow then 2.5 days next week although will be nipping out on Wednesday for Ms nativity play :) then off till 3rd Jan yay. Only half day that day so thinking of taking it off which would mean I'd be off till 8th Jan, must check what leave I have left. Can't wait for Christmas, love the family time!

  • Hi all,

    SG-Hearing the heartbeat for the first time is amazing

    Monnie- Thats great feeling the movements that early. I didn't feel a thing until about 21 weeks

    AR- Enjoy the scan and the hot chocolate

    WE- Sorry your back at work, but it sounds like you have a nice break for Christmas

    Bertie- Glad you sorted out your mat leave. I'm still not sure what do to. I'm on Mat allowance so sent off for it to start the week before the babies born, but was meant to stop working in a fortnight, but I've been asked to stay longer (contract I run my own business). I'm still umming and arrhing

    Counter- enjoy your well earned weekend

    AFM- I went to the midwife drop in session yesterday about my red, swollen bits and discharge. Apparently it's just another delight of being pregnant. Some women get varicose veins down there, it seems I have localised swelling. She told me to use yoghurt to relieve it. After a comedy moment with yoghurt, and sanitary towels, I tried it. It was heaven, well like wearing wet knickers but really relieving lol xx

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