Thursday 2nd Tri!

Morning All,

Couldn't see a thread so hope it's OK to start one! Hope everyone is doign OK today, can't believe it's Thursday already and how fast this week has gone. I've got some treats in for any door knockers tonight but may have accidentaly eaten some oops.

Pregnancy wise I'm still feeling relatively OK which is good and work is keeping me occupied. I bought a medela swing breastpump from amazon last night for £86 and a Mam self sterilising bottle starter kit for half price too so feeling bargainous.


  • Morning

    I haven't been on this thread in ages!

    Grif- well done on your bargains!

    AFM- still trotting along in this pregnancy. I am 18 weeks today am already on iron tablets, this was from my consultant's appointment last week. I have all of my doppler and growth scans booked in too. Felt weird seeing most of them with 2014 dates! Have had a busy half term week with the kids. Hopefully next week will be quieter!

  • Grif - awesome bargains!  Amazon seem to do awesome offers!

    Sec4 - oh bet you can't wait for your appointments! It's strange seeing 2014  on appointments my consultant appointments in jan  means we get to meet our babies  next year and that's not very far away anymore!

    Am had a lovely day yesterday! Back to reality today haha going to treat hubby to a lunch and then we are off food shopping he got some vouchers to buy a new ps3 game so wants to spend that.. Gotta pick up 2 pumpkins sand some sweets!

    Pregnancy wise not much to report my little fat bits getting bigger haha but not in maternity clothes yet! It's kind of under my podgy stomach ATM so my stomachs bigger than my podgy bit haha! Just waiting for my blood test results back from the scan.. I didn't have a phone call yesterday so I think I am just waiting for a letter now.. Can't believe I have too book into my 16 week appointment in 2 weeks seems mental to have jumped those 2 weeks!

    Hey to all that follow x

  • Morning

    Grif - Me and H are going out for dinner tonight to avoid the door knockers :) Dog probably won't be amused! Lovely bargains, it is a highly rated pump? Haven't looked into them yet but am definitely planning to breastfeed. I've seen some bargain baby wipes on Amazon as well, the huggies pure ones (10 packs for £8!!).

    Section4 - Nice to see you back. I can't believe how quick this year has gone!

    CC - Hopefully no news is good news for your blood results. I'm sure it won't be long until you are in mat clothes!

    AFM - Managed to get on early for a change! 23 weeks today :) Got my nappies yesterday, they are very cute but came with a very long list of instructions!!

  • Morning,

    I keep thinking its Friday....

    Grif- Well done on the bargains! We got a car seat and base from Amazon, love a bargain :) Ha, no harm in eating some treats. We never have trick or treaters at ours, wish we did.

    S4- Bet a busy week has been nice, passing the time. My next midwife is xmas eve then its 2014, sounds strange doest it.

    CC- Enjoy your lunch.Bet it does feel weird to skip 2 weeks! Good though as you are closer to the next scan :) Hope the blood come back ok.

    Mrs V- Are you only going to use cloth nappies? Have a nice meal out. H spotted those wipes on Amamzon too so will be purchasing at some point.

    AFM- Had a lovely meal out last night. Had a few new clothes arrive yesterday so have some maternity jeans as mine just wont do up any more! And also some jumper dresses and boots for work so I am nice and comfy :) Had a few pains in my tummy last night but as its getting bigger im putting it down to growing pains. Hope today goes quick as i'm so tired today.

  • Grif brilliant bargains! My friend is lending me her electric pump this. Time which I'm pleased about as it's one of the few things I wish I'd bought but didn't last time.

    S4 glad you have all your appointments booked in. How many scans do you have to have ?I have my first consultant appointment booked for straight after my 20 week scan, to deck baby is growing ok after the concerns with p.

    Cc I'm very jealous of your skipping weeks. Feels like time is dragging at the moment!

    Mrs v yay to Napppies arriving , have they got cure designs? I confess to being someone who likes the idea of cloth but is too lazy to actually try them!

    Afm I have a horrendous headache Which has been pounding since yesterday morning. I even woke up in the night with it hurting. I've taken some paracetamol now so hopefully that'll help. P and I don't have any plans today and it's miserable out so we might have a day at home. Advantage of living out in the sticks is we dont get door knockers!!

  • I'm so slownon my phone I missed you Bertie!! Yay to maternity clothes, I'm all about being comfy these days!! Try not to worry about the pains, I'm getting loads too but the baby has a Hewitt spurt about now so there is loads going on.

  • Morning!

    Grif - excellent bargain on the breast pump! Everything seems so much money though. I've heard good things about that particularly one though.

    S4 - Our half term was over weeks ago (in Scotland) so it's strange hearing english counterparts still talking about being off. Hope you aren't running yourself too ragged!

    CC - It's fabulous jumping two weeks! At 22 weeks the only mat clothing item I wear is the jeans and frankly they are AWESOME! I'm never wearing normal jeans ever again!! Wee bumps are easy to put under dresses and jumpers!

    MrsV - happy 23 weeks! Not long till viability day for you! I looked at how cute the wee nappies were and completely ignored the instructions. I'll revisit those on mat leave!!!

    Bertie - Your new clothes sound lovely! You'll just love wearing the jeans. I'm thinking of keeping mine for all future Christmas days!! Ha ha!

    AR - that's rubbish about the headache. Have you tried any of the more natural solutions like 4head? (or something?!) Hope you have a lovely quiet relaxing day.

    AFM - I love the halloween guisers!!! Sadly I'm out tonight and H is in charge but we get some right cuties with their terrible jokes coming to the door. It's v sweet! Pregnancy wise all is going well and the bump is looking more like a bump and less like wind which is fab! Ha ha! I woke the baby up when I turned over in the night and I couldn't help but lie there and feel the kicking. It still amazes me! The baby then fell back asleep and I was left wide awake but it was worth it! Lol!

    Have a good day all!

  • AR- Yes me too, i put my pj's on most days when I get in! Yea thats what i thought :) Apparently these next 3 weeks it grows alot.

    SP- Haha, I might just do that! Be like Joey on Friends. I wore them last night to dinner and they were so comfy. Sunday we went out for the day and I had my jeans totally undone with a long top, i couldnt even do the hairband trick! Kept praying I wasnt accidently flashing people my knickers lol.

  • Sorry SP posted too soon. Ah thats good about your bump. You was a bit concerened before about not having much bump wasnt you? Thats lovely, I cant wait to feel kicks. I just felt the baby move a minute ago, always makes me smile.

  • Before the 20 week scan I was less concerned more impatient about the bump! Now I know the baby is measuring the right size I am seeing myself as fortunate not to be carrying a bump around for the next 4 months. Because I'm 5"11 I reckon there is just plenty of space in there and the bump will come eventually! I'm fairly sure I look pregnant in tight fitting clothes but I can easily disguise it with a loose top too!

    I didn't even bother with the hairband trick either. Jeans were just too uncomfy as my waist thickened! The movements are just wonderful! I was getting kicked so hard while in a meeting earlier in the week that I could see the twitching looking at my tummy. It was very distracting!!  

  • I'll try and do personals later, but seconding the love for maternity jeans. Wearing mine for the first time today and they're so comfortable I'm another one that never wants to wear normal ones ever again.

    Also, I *think* I just felt two little kicks/nudges. Not 100% sure but I'm hoping I did!

  • SP- Yes sorry impatient is the word I meant! Yes aslong as babys doing ok thats the meain thing :) Ha, you maybe onto something there, I am only 5ft so I dont have much space, just has to go outwards lol. God, how do you concentrate, when i feel little movements I start daydreaming lol.

    Flossy- How lovely for you :)

  • Ah Flossy that's lovely! I'm sure that's exactly what you felt!

    I was taking minutes at said meeting bertie and completely lost track at one point! Ha!

  • Hey ladies, hope all are well :) sorry no personals, I'm at work and on my phone.

    Flu jab for me later today then scan is a week today eek! Yoga tonight which will be nice :) waiting for mw to call me as my blood results for iron check should be back today but typically I can't get a hold of her.

    Hope everyone is well. I too love my stretchy maternity jeans!

  • Section 4 glad things are bobbing along nicely, good to have your scan dates all sorted exciting.

    CC it's good to jump a bit, makes the time go quicker!

    Mrs V it's the dog that will go crackers each time the door goes thinking soemone is visiting him. We usually put the rat on our shoulders to answer the door which seem to freak a few of the kiddies out bless them - so mean! It seems to be the most highly recommended electric pump and they hold their value well second hand so I thought it was worth it to give things a go and hopefully let H take on a couple fo feeds if possible.

    Yay for nappies! I've just purchased a load of reusables from OB!

    Bertie mat jeans are so comfortable, so are weekenders mat trousers I have on today - I have also sworn I'm never wearing any non stretchy pants again pregnant or not!

    Oh AR sorry you're feeling rubbish, hope the headache goes away and good you're not in work today.

    SP have fun out tonight, how lovely you and baby had a bit of bonding time in the night, getting you used to all thsoe sleepless ones!

    Flossy yay for movements! My mum said that if you think you felt something then you likely did.

    Weekender hope the flu jab goes OK and you get hold of the midwife soon - they can be so tricky to get in touch with. Enjoy yoga

  • Sorry sorry sorry for no personals. It's so busy here, I will post properly tomorrow, but just selfishly dropping in to upate.

    I haven't been on because I have been feeling a bit worried about baby and not wanting to be a whingey mare. It's hard to enjoy others' experiences if you're fretting - hope that makes sense. The last really wriggly day baby had was Sat 19th and I'd had a lot of activity prior. I borrowed a friend's doppler after a week of secret panicking and we briefly got a heartbeat but couldnt' get it again and I didn't want to try again as it would only upset me if we couldn't.

    Had great midwife appointment a bit earlier today. Everything is fine fine fine! She felt baby immediately she laid a finger on me, got the heartbeat first try, but then baby was wriggling and wriggling. I couldn't feel a thing! Obviously wherever baby was and is now is very different. I cried with relief. Wuss! Midwife was happy to go with our own EDD (matters to me as dating scan put me earlier and don't want to be induced as would prefer a go at homebirth), and 20wk scan is 18th Nov. I have tiredness (have started restricting my hours to 55 a week which is much more doable) and heartburn has cranked right up, but that's it and haven't put on any weight for a month after my initial 10lb ballooning! Really really do hope everyone is doing well and feeling the 2nd tri bloom :) xx

  • Excellent news Counter :) it must be a hormonal/timing thing as I was just like that before my midwife appointment at 17 weeks. After hearing the heartbeat I was reassured for a few days at least (now I'm worrying about my 20 week scan on the 13th!) Well done for cutting down your hours too, hopefully you'll be feeling the benefit (and getting more time at home with your family!)

  • Hi Counter, sorry you had been worrying. But glad all is well with you now, bet you loved hearing the heartbeat, its just amazing isnt it. Not too long until your scan :)  x

  • Hello everyone no personals today sorry....had another busy tired. 19 weeks today which is crazy. Still having lots of kicks x x

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