thursday 3rd tri

Hi all late start today!

BG- good news from scan yesterday, I hope the consultant went well after?

Up and waiting for the midwife no idea what time she is coming, so thought i'd get ready and do some cleaning. 40+8 today totally and utterly fed up!



  • Oooh Noodle, baby out vibes - are you getting a sweep today?

    Again I've not been around much, mainly been working and feeling sorry for myself as the SPD and sciatica have got much worse and I'm now on crutches most of the time. If one more person says 'Oh well, not long now' I may beat them to death with said crutches! 7 days left at work, and I'm owed a 1/2 day leave so I'll take that next week at some point, probably Weds to break the week up a bit.

    Anyone got any tips for getting a gym ball really well inflated? I just can't get mine hard enough, so my hips are lower than my knees when I sit on it. It can't just be because of my enormous weight, because the ball has a 24 stone weight limit!!

  • Morning Noodle, sorry to hear you are still waiting.   Good news for Twink though!

    AFM, final day at work. Had a dash to Tesco this morning to get cakes and fruit. Don't plan on doing too much today. Will be late in as A has her teacher visit at 9am, will meet H for lunch then leave at 3.30. Have finished all my filing just need to finish my handover notes. Me and A have a day together tomorrow, her last before she starts school on Monday. She wants to go to Wonderland, whatever that is?!

    Hello to all that follow,



  • Sorry Mrs50s, missed you there.  Sounds like you are struggling, hope you can make it through the next 7 days at work. My ball is pretty well inflated,it took two strong men mind you! Does it have a slow puncture?

  • Maybe it's the strong men I'm lacking! No puncture, and it's brand new - it just has a plug instead of a valve, so as soon as you take the pump off to put the plug in you lose some air!

    Enjoy your last day at work - and happy 'term' day!

  • Mrs 50's sorry to hear the pain is getting worse, do you have a support belt? People think their beimg helpful saying it but they really are not, beat them with the crutches I say! If Iinflate my gym ball its near solid enough as I let too much air out trying to plug it my H has to do it.

    noggin- have a fab last day at work, hope they spoil you

  • Morning gang,

    Turned out it was just the registrar, most pointless meeting ever. She just reiterated what I already knew and had agreed. Totally not worth the 80 minute wait. That's my last appointment with them though.

    Are you getting a sweep today?

    Mrs 50's - I've had the same problem with my ball this time, I'm using the air bed pump but no matter how long I pump it for it's still not as hard as I'd like it.

    Noodle - hurrah for finishing work! Have a lovely last day with A.

    AFM - currently sat in the age waiting for my full English, aaahh. It's our wedding anniversary today so off out for a curry tonight, I might brave a vindaloo, or at least a madras.

    2 lots of estate agents coming over today, so at least my house will be tidy for the day.

    *tmi* slight bit of brown when I wiped this morning, but no more cramps

    BG 38+6

  • Just running in for a chorus of "baby out, baby out" for Noodle.

  • Morning all

    Noodle - hope you aren't too fed up. I know it's difficult but try and make the most of your child free time. Hope the midwife can get things moving x

    Mrs50s - sorry you aren't having a very nice time xxx

    Nottingham. - hope you have a nice last day at work and get spoilt x

    AFM - it's my birthday today :) im just chilling at home with L and waiting fort H to come back from work early. We are having all the family over for dinner tomorrow so today is just chill out time xx

  • BG - missed you there. Ooooh brown stuff.... Maybe your body is getting ready early....?

  • Happy birthday PS!

  • Morning All,

    Noodle- I think constant star jumps may be in order so that baby thinks 'forget this, I can't get any sleep in here so I may aswell come out!'!? Really hoping things kick off for you soon.

    Mrs50s- Really sorry to hear that you are struggling, it really doesn't sound like much fun! Hope the next 7 days at work go quickly for you.

    Noggin- Enjoy your last day at work! No idea what Wonderland is though!? haha

    BG- Happy anniversary! Hope you have a lovely day :)

    PS- Happy birthday!! Hope you get spoilt.

    AFM- Not much to report really. Feeling really good about everything at the minute. Still quite behind with getting things sorted for baby but I'm sure it will all come together.

  • Morning!

    Noodle, hope you aren't waiting much longer! Will there be a sweep today?

    Mrs 50s, I am sorry you are in so much pain. I think people don't know what to say but yes, hitting them with a crutch may help! ;)

    Noggin, hope you have a good last day at work and enjoy tomorrow with A :)

    BG, ooo brown stuff. Possible show? I have no idea what they look like. Happy anniversary, have a lovely meal tonight :)

    PoppySeeds, happy birthday! :o)

    Sam, glad you are sounding so happy! Everything does come together, I am all over the place but know by the time baby comes, all will be sorted! x

    Afm, 28 weeks today. I thought back to 16 weeks and it seems like only yesterday so I am expecting the next 12 weeks to go very quickly :/ Lots of achey back pain and hip pains, plus been getting some pain in my groin which I hope eases before it gets worse :o(

    B has started his new school which he loves, it's closer to our house so much easier to walk rather than get a bus every day!

    GTT tomorrow morning so will be starving myself tonight!

    C x

  • BG- yep sweep today im a bit nervous about it! Happy wedding anniversary, hope things are startimg to kick off for you

    LP hi hope your ok

    poppyseeds- happy happy birthday, hope you get spoilt

    samjh87- it all comes together suddenly I didnt even start shopping until I was 30 weeks, now I wish I had left it longer haha

    well midwife has called she cant fit me in today so I need to go and see her if I want a sweep! Will be addin it to my long list that forms my complaint for this shocking midwife care ive had all pregnancy

  • Morning ladies!

    Noodle - hope the sweep works for you. BABY OUT VIBES!

    Mrs 50s - Sorry to hear your SPD and sciatica are bad. Hope your last few days at work go quick.

    Noggin - Enjoy your last day at work, im counting down the days to my ML aswell now, getting impatient.

    BG - Enjoy your wedding anniversary, congratulations!

    PS - Happy birthday to yoooooouuuuu!

    Sam - Glad your feeling good about everything, you've still got a little while to get things sorted.

    Chimpanzee - Sorry to hear you've got a few aches and pains, hope they ease for you soon.

    AFM - Feeling quite positive after seeing midwife yesterday, although i am aware that i still have my hospital bag to pack and only a few weeks left. Trying not to stress. Cannot wait until i start my ML now, starting on 1st Oct so got a few weeks to go yet. Going out for lunch with the mum today.

  • Thank you all for the birthday wishes :)

    MummyS - I haven't got anything to put in my hospital bag yet, so its not packed, and I'm going in for a section next Friday!!!!

  • Morning ladies!

    Noodle - that's so rubbish!! Is it easy enough for you to get to see her today? Hope that after all this the sweep does the trick for you.

    mrs50s - sorry you are suffering so much, I hope the next 7 days go quickly for you. For your gym ball, you are welcome to borrow my H, he put some more air in mine the other day and it's like sitting on concrete! Other than that, I don't really know what to suggest, sorry!

    BG - happy anniversary, enjoy your curry tonight. Sounds like your body is getting ready - you might queue jump!

    Sam - glad things are coming together. Save some things to do on ML though, that's my advice, it will help keep you occupied.

    Chimp - the last 10 weeks have gone really quickly for me, hopefully the next 12 will for you and the aches and pains don't get too much worse.


    LP - hi!

    MS - don't worry, you have time to get organised. My Mum had a proper moan at me yesterday because my  hospital bag isn't fully packed yet...

    AFM - Operation Nesting has commenced. The last few days have been spent sorting out places to put the pram, car seat and assembling nursery furniture so I'm ready to clean!! Have just done the tops of the kitchen cupboards and will be working my way down to the floor over the course of today. Just stopped for a quick ice lolly/Mumdrum break. Hoping to get to an active birth class that my pregnancy yoga teaches for her students and partners come along as well so that they can learn what you've been learning,  just need H to get out of work on time. Then I really MUST sort out my hospital bag!

  • Hello all,

    On phone and already on page two so can't do personals today.

    Back from my consultant appt and feel pretty c**p now. I went in totally decided that I wanted a ELCS but she's gone through all the dangers and risks and scared me and now I don't know what to do. It's an impossible choice and I just don't know what to do for best. She's given me some information leaflets and a useful website to look at so I'm going to sit down later and have a good look at everything to hopefully help me decide what to do.

    Baby out gives to noodle and congrats to twink

    JT 34 weeks

  • JT- Sorry things aren't as black and white but remember it is your choice. Have a good read through all the info and speak to people about the pros and cons of both options and then make your mind up. xx

  • On phone so can't really do personals but Happy Birthday PS and baby out vibes to Noodle!

    All fine here :-)

  • JT -  what are your reasons for wanting a section? And what have they said that has scared you? It's your choice at the end of the day, I think some consultants are just more pro-section or pro-vbac than others.

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