Thursday First Tri

Me again! Hope everyone is ok? 

Today I plan to watch the cricket and have pancakes for lunch! Feel a bit symptomless which is concerning me slightly but I'm trying to be positive, I know the placenta has taken over now which can effect how you feel. Two weeks today til 12w scan so I'm on a countdown! 

Hannah x 


  • MOrning Isis.

    Sounds like a lovely relaxing day! Try not to worry about the lack of symptoms, you are in the later part of 1st tri now so symptoms do decrease,with P i felt much better from 10/11 weeks onwards.

    I'm 4 weeks today....haha! Such a long way to go!! Feels impossibly stretched out ahead at the moment so trying to think day by day. I'm going to book a GP appointment today when i  go and register P and i at our new doctors. Felt sick as soon as i woke up today but i remembered the trick of eating before you get up so H brought me toast in bed which helped a lot. Not very relaxing to eat in bed with a toddler bouncing on the bed at the same time but it's definitely helped!!

    Hope everyone is well

    AR 4+0 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • Morning AR! I know I shouldn't worry, it's cos I've had a mmc previously but we saw the hb at 8 weeks so I know it looks good. The time will pass quite quickly, it's 6 weeks since I got my bfp and it doesn't seem that long.

  • Hello Isis and AR!

    My current symptoms (which I hope hard are a good sign):

    Itchy and VERY flaky scalp


    Low-level nausea all day peaking evening/overnight

    Mildly sore boobs

    Occasional dizziness (even when laying down)

    Popping to the loo more often (I'm usually camel-like)

    Sore vagina (is this normal? it feels like the very earliest stages of thrush.... bit worried)

    and (this could well be in my head) bloated tummy (it seems to go outwards/forwards more than it did and I've lost 2lbs in the last week....)

    And I'm only 4+2

    We told the in-laws last night. MIL was over the moon. They both were, but her especially. It was so cute. And not a surprise, it was mentioned in the wedding we planned to try, just didn't expect it to happen the day after we got off honeymoon!!

  • Morning,

    Sorry I've been awol for a few days. Work has been so hectic. I had another ridiculous work meal situation on Tuesday. I was all prepared to do the I'm driving not drinking thing. When I got there I had a glass prosecco put in my hands. I thought, fine, I’ll just ditch this later. My work colleague, who knows I’m pregnant, walked into me and switched the glasses so no one noticed. She sat next to me for the rest of the meal and basically drank for 2. She was absolutely slaughtered by the end of the night, so much so that she suggested to the group that I’d had too much to drink and needed to get a taxi home! It was all very surreal but nice not to have to explain the 8 other people why I wasn’t drinking.

    Isis – Cricket and pancakes sound good. Not worrying is easier said than done but at least time is passing quickly and then you can start enjoying it.

    Hi AR – Sorry you’re feeling sick but it’s a good think I suppose.

    Hi Counter – That’s great your MIL was pleased. I still haven’t told any family!

    Nat 11+6

  • Hi all!

    Isis your day sounds lovely!! Lucky you. The shift in symptoms is very disconcerting even when you know its normal and expected and even when you know everything is okay! Hope you are managing to keep your chin up

    AR - happy 4 weeks!!! Yay! I hadn't heard that wee trick of yours before! Shame my H leaves an hour before me. I might need to move the toaster into the bedroom!

    Counter - sounds just lovely telling your MIL! Very special moment indeed. I would keep an eye on that discomfort in your lady regions and speak to your GP if it continues

    LD nice to see you! What a great pal! That's true friendship for you!

    AFM the bloatedness has well and truly kicked in (I'm 8+5) I put tights and a dress on today (its pouring in Glasgow!) And am In so much discomfort with the tights over my stomach. I've had to rearrange so that they are pulled down at my hips which is giving nice muffin top!! Private scan a week today!

  • Afternoon ladies,

    AR, yay to 4 weeks!  Hope you get sorted at the docs

    Counter, it's nice being able to tell isn't it?

    LD, that's brilliant about your workmate, things we do for our friends eh!

    SP, hope the bloatedness goes down again soon!   Not long till scan now x

    AFM, well I'm having a bit of a meltdown at the moment, I keep waking up in the morning with this feeling of dread that something has gone wrong.  My sore b00bs aren't anywhere near as bad as they were, still no nausea or anything, and dare I say it I'm not as tired either.  Two weeks tomorrow till my NHS reassurance scan.  Was tempted to book an earlier private scan but not sure what to do.  I don't think I want to know!  trying to bury my head but it's easier said than done.

    Anyway, at work today so that's sort of keeping my mind off it.  On lunch just now so best get back to it - will try to get back on later x

  • Oh Weekender, don't have a meltdown, luv. It could be normal transitioning? How much is a scan and how soon could you get one? Because if it's extortionate, or ten days away, you can at least rule it out and you'll have one less thing to think about?

  • Hey all,

    Counter - i found out at 4+3 and literally my bloat kicked in straight away, it got worse and worse and only this week is it starting to calm down

    bit weird but i already have a bit of a belly, im pretty sure its not baby and just all of the food i have been eating to try and make the sickness subside

    the last few days have been the first few days in a long time i have started to feel normal, the sickness has calmed down and im only sick once or twice a day at the moment

    had to go to hospital yesterday as i had been having very severe pain really low down in my stomach and then my belly went rock hard, i alled the midwifes and they told me to go up, had a scan and all is ok, baby seems to have had a bit of a growth spurt so they think it may of been that but all looked good, could see a hand and legs

    im 11+0 today and had last scan at 9+3, the growth between those two dates is amazing !

    roll on next thursday for the twelve week scan! :)  

  • NLH, I'm glad you say that about the bloat. And if I lay it on thick, hubby might relent on my telling closest pals lol.

    Sorry you've had a scary time. It's awful. But great that you got to see baby and all is well!

  • Weekender, I have to follow my instinct. If it will put your mind at rest then I'd get a scan.

    Nlh, I'm glad all is well

  • does anyone want to see a pic?

  • It's a baby! Amazing how quick they grow :)

  • proper little person, and yet still so small!  :D

  • i know, i cannot belive how much it has changed in just over a week!

  • Late again today! I must make time for MD!!

    NLH glad the scan went well great pic.

    I've been out for lunch by the sea then for a walk along the beach with mum. bliss! H was very jealous as he was working. baby wise nothing much to report but felt really sick last night which was odd for me.

  • Great pic NLH.

  • Hi ladies, late on today so no personals sorry! Hope you're all well :-) I've been feeling a bit more human today- even did some housework, cooked dinner and went for a walk after work- definitely time for bed now!

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