Thursday2nd tri

Morning all, back to normality for a lot of us today I guess?

what is the point in working for 2 days??? They should just declare it bank holidays I think :-)

well ill I have a stinking cold and feel awful, I'm not allowed paracetamol at the moment after our little trip to the hospital because madam has been quiet recently. So im really suffering and my colleague text today to say she was too ill to come in so would stay in bed today and dose herself up!


thats how I feel about that!!

hope everyone is well xxx


  • Oh no! What an utterly sh*t day for you. Feel better soon x

    I'm having a lay-in as have got the first midwife appointment of the year. 8.40am means I get to leave home later than for work. It's just 20 minutes but I'll take it!! Am exhausted, nauseous and sleeping sitting up 90% of the time due to heartburn. Dreading going back to work. Otherwise everything is fab, ha ha!

  • Morning

    Moonie- sorry to hear you have a cold. Hope work is quiet for you today.

    Counter - hope you enjoyed your mini lie in! Sometimes any lie in counts! Good luck with the MW today.

    I have the MW too at 9.45 this morning. Am hoping my UTI has disappeared. I am taking my oldest with me so she can hear the heartbeat as he s usually t school for appointments. She has a birthday party ths afternoon so will be heading to that after lunch.

  • Morning,

    Didn't get on yesterday so Happy New Year!

    Monnie- Hope your feeling better soon. How annoying, bet you wish that was you in bed! I am with you, these 2 days should be bank hols!

    Counter- Hope midwife app goes ok. God i would take an extra 10 mins at the moment! I never thouht about sleeping upright to help heartburn,will give that a try!

    Section4- Hope you also have a good app with the midwife. That will be nice for your daughter :)

    AFM- The tiredness has come back big time. Had a sort out of the house yesterday and also the clothes etc we have bought for little girlie as couldnt remeber what we had in what sizes.. Then me and H both had a nap. Baby seems to have moved position so I am getting lots of low down kicks, tried wriggling her a bit as they are uncomfy but no luck.

  • Hi S4, good luck at MW, hope you're all clear!

    My appt was fine, she's sending me for bloods a little earlier than 28 weeks in case I'm anaemic (I'm pathetic and pale and was very anaemic with Harry), otherwise all fine and next appt in 4 weeks, when I'll be 30 weeks. I looked gobsmacked when she said that, it seemed years away not that long ago ha ha

  • Hi everyone

    Moonie nothing worse than feeling ill at work hope you get better soon x

    Counter and section 4 hope midwife goes ok x

    Bertie I sorted baby stuff out this week too...i forgot how tiny it all is x

    Afm I am 3 rd tri today so sadly leaving you lovely ladies....will see you all soon over in 3rd tri. Today im chilling step kids away home just now they been here for a week although my house is still tidy from new year so cant complain. I have midwife tomo x
  • Counter hope your bloods come back pale all the time people always comment on it at 18 weeks my iron levels were ridiculously high though x
  • Morning all.

    Very glad H made me book today off work, feels nice to not have to go in today, and then I'm in tomorrow for one day and then it's the weekend. Just had a count up and only 8 full work weeks left, finally in single figures! Having a bit of a lazy/clearing out day today. H has told me to take it easy so I'm going to mix (decaf) tea on the sofa with clearing out the wardrobes and unpacking all the Christmas stuff we managed to accumulate from parents and our shopping trip!

    Baby was very wriggly last night which was nice. I still have a really achy back but am starting pregnancy yoga next week so hoping maybe something there might help out a bit.

    Counter - even 15 minutes extra in bed is appreciated! My next midwife appointment seems ages away, but I'll be 29 weeks by then which seems like a scarily high number! Glad all went well.

    Monnie - sorry you feel rubbish :( hope work goes quickly and you can get back home to bed soon!

    S4 - hope the midwife goes well.  It's a nice idea to take your youngest. My mum is coming to my next appointment (to hold my hand for my anti-D injection!) so I'm hoping she'll get to hear the heartbeat too.

    Bertie -I'm still struggling with tiredness too. It doesn't seem to stop. I've found I just have to make the most of the time when I'm not falling asleep and build naps into my weekend plans! Not sure how I'll cope with a full day at work tomorrow as I've been so used to napping over Christmas!

  • Morning all

    monnie sorry you feel pants. I can recommend hot honey and lemon

    Counter glad the mw went well. I told you time is going tonfly now!!!

    S4 hope mw goes well. A will love hearing the hb im sure.

    H is back to work todsy after nearly 3 weeks off in total with our holiday before Christmas.  So me and p are going to do housework and washing etc which ive ignored for ages. Last night I sorted through her bsby clothes up to 12months and got out sll the unisex bits. This afternoon the lovely Bluewateris coming to visit and hopefully im going to relieve her of lots of her boys clothes!! Nothing to report baby wise, same as usual which is good.

  • Bertie - is it nice going through the clothes? I bought the cutest pair of PJs ever in Mothercare in their half-price sale, I drool over them every time I see them ha ha. Sorry about the tiredness, I hoped to stave it off for a few more weeks but it's been about 3 weeks now of almost being like 1st tri. Midwife was pretty much: "Oh dear, well, that's just what being pregnant is like...". Made me laugh, she asked me what symptoms I was having so I told her, then she says 'tough', kind of! :)

  • Im so slow!!

    Bertie baby clothes sorting is satisfying isnt it?!

    Abc see you in 3rd tri in a couple of weeks

    flossy yay for no work. Im a tad smug as school doesn't start until next week but trying not to go on about it. Hehe

  • ABC - you're off too! There's an exodus round here lately ;)  Enjoy a bit of chill time today.

    Flossy - very clever of you to book today off. Nice to spend it sorting lovely new purchases!!

    AR - you have a nice day planned, enjoy! :)

  • Afternoon all! Sorry on break so no personals but hi to everyone!

    My first post on the 2nd Tri thread! Now 14+3 with Twins...still can't believe it!! Finally I am starting to feel like myself again though, the nausea and sickness has touch wood  disappeared...was beginning to think I'd feel sick for the rest of my life!! Had an appointment with my consultant this morning, I am carrying MCDA Twins which are identical as they share a placenta but are in separate going to be having scans every two weeks until 24 weeks then every four! Next scan in two weeks, can't wait to see them again, think I will enjoy the next scan more as I won't have the enormous shock I had with my first!!

  • Hi all

    Monnie - your day sounds fairly rubbish. Hope it was a bit better than that and you feel better soon.

    Counter - glad your appointment went ok. Hope work hasn't been too bad.

    S4 - hope your appointment went ok too and your UTI has gone.

    Bertie - hope you get some rest today and get that baby moving into a more comfortable position!!

    ABC - very best of luck on 3rd Tri xxx

    Flossy - hope you have managed to get your relaxing day plus getting some bits and pieces done.

    AR - hope you got your housework done and enjoyed your visitor today.

    BM - congrats on your twins once again. I think this is brilliant news!!!  Glad you are starting to feel better too now.

    AFM - I've had a busier day than I intended. Went a run with H this morning and stopped off at my parents on the way. I then had to go into town for a few things so it was nearly 2.30pm before all that was done. I'd planned to sort through some clothes in the bedroom today and generally tidy up in there but I'm feeling kinda shattered now and we are out for dinner with friends tonight so I've opted to spend the afternoon on the couch and do the tidying tomorrow.

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