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Plums aren't normally bigger than limes are they? (11 weeks is a lime, and 12 weeks is a plum.)


  • The whole thing doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe they grow things to weird sizes in America?

  • I'm not sure.  They might be longer than limes, but i couldn't be sure. I rarely have limes and plums in the house at the same time to compare them!

  • I remember that confusing me too...guess American plums are big, or American limes are small? I just know that I regretted the fruit ticker when I reached pineapple Tongue Tied

  • In my mind plums are a bit bigger than limes, but I'm from Canada, so maybe that does say something about the sizes of them in North America, but I don't think I've really seen enough limes and plums here to compare, since I never buy them!

  • if you compare the sizes of the fruit to your CRL size at your scan they dont come close either !

  • Don't do the fruit ticker! Limes and plums are all well and good, but when you're days away from labour do you want to be reminded about pushing a water melon out?!! Dear god they're huuuge!!

  • I had an app that told me one week that baby was 30cm long, which was apparently the size of a tomato?!

    I haven't been on here on my laptop for ages and so still have my ticker despite A being 10 days old now, I don't even know what a jackfruit is.

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