toddler 'escaping' from car seat straps

However tight I strap my daughter into her car seat she often manages to wriggle her arms out of the straps. I've heard of something called the houdini stop or a 5 point harness that you use over the straps but I've also read that the emergency services don't like you to use them as they can make it hard to get a child out of the car in an accident. Can anyone share anything they've used in a similar situation. I should point out that she's rear facing so I don't always know if she's done it.


  • I know a couple of people who have used those straps and said they are fab. There is the thing of being slightly slower to get them out in an emergency but personally I think the risk of them not being strapped in during a crash is much much higher than a couple of extra seconds to get them out.
  • That's what I'm think AR, do you happen to know which ones your friends have used?

  • Not off the top of my head. Will ask :-)
  • Alternatively you could gaffer tape oven gloves to her hands?

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