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Toddlers and talking

B is 14 months and very physically active, but doesn't really say much apart from mummy, daddy and botbot!! He understands a lot and will follow instructions (if he wants to!)  When do they start saying actual words? I know all babies are different But I don't know whether to be concerned or not! 


  • Don't worry - some walk first, some talk first....and in my experience it's girls that do the talking first. As long as he's understanding I wouldn't worry xx

  • At 14 months, I wouldn't be concerned.

  • E is almost 20 months and its only the past few months she's really started ominous on with her speech - I wouldn't worry. My cousins little girl didn't say her first word until she was nearly 2 and is a very bright little girl! X

  • The thing that they should be doing between one and two is lots of babbling and sounds. This is how babies practice learning to talk, learning the sounds and shapes with their mouth/tongue. They obviously all learn at their own speed, but my friend who is a speech therapist specialising in pre schoolers says that the babbling is the important part at this age. Even if you can't understand words you can start to hear them making sounds that are common ones in speech like the 'shh' sound for example.

  • Thanks ladies. Cedar - he's definitely making lots of sounds and lots of babbling. He also seems to change his tone of his babbling if he's trying to ask you a question, which is quite funny as I don't usually have a clue what he's asking!!

  • Yes, my friend's little girl used to babble what sounded like a complete sentence and then look hopefully. Not a word of it made sense but she was clearly mimicking the way people spoke - the tone of voice, etc.

  • If he can understand plenty then I wouldn't worry. I've been told that understanding is far more important than words at this age.

  • I'd go with understanding over anything else. My E is really great with talking but our CM says that regardless it's understanding she's particularly mindful of at Es age.

  • O said v little until he was around 17 months, now at 23 months he literally tried to copy everything you say. He too was always a very early mover in all respects. I'd say just keep chatting away to him and soon enough you'll be blown away by new words every day x

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