Toddlers say the funniest things!

Just trying to distract myself from, what looks like, another failed cycle in my ttc number 2 journey.

Isobelle is absolutely hysterical sometimes. She's really starting to grasp language really well but can be so funny sometimes. This morning she dropped a few branflakes on the floor & actually leaned down to them & said "Don't worry, don't panic blanflakes".

Last night she did a big fart & immediately after said, "Mummy's wind!". She also does this strange thing with stickle brick characters. I had the stickle brick people (a man's and ladies head on any other stickle brick piece) and was doing a pretend conversation with them & the last bit was " what do you eat", answer was "spaghetti". Now whenever I pretend conversation with her when she's got the other character whatever the question (usually how are you today) the answer is always "sghetti"

Please share yours x


  • J was picking his nose, and said "Mummy, my bogey is stuck. I need a Mouskatool. Ooohhhh Toodles" He then used the wing mirror on one of his cars, to try and get his bogey out. Delightful child.

    I asked J for a kiss, and he said "Yeah, in a minute, Doll".

    When I ask him to go and get Casey up, he shouts up the stairs "Casey, get down here NOW. right now Casey"

  • I had to go to a disciplinary at work

    (Not for me, I was giving evidence) embarrassingly I had to take Isaac with me so he was restrained in the pram with enough snacks to feed the whole of the staff in the building and every toy I could find. Anyway the hr lady said 'aw have you got a lovely lunch' he shouted 'PIE! Isaac love pie' Weep it wasn't even pie ROTFL

    Then Ls teacher is miss barker, every morning Isaac walks past her shouts 'BARKER' and waves and kind of nods, miss barker will say 'its miss barker  Isaac' and again he will shout BARKER Weep

  • N was talking into his plastic phone yesterday saying 'Hello, nice to see you! See you soon byeee'.

    He also says 'Good morning Mummy'. Think that one must be from nursery.

    Also 'I know' and 'What's that?' Which means 'why' will be on its way soon, oh dear!

    Oh, and he also tried to push me out of bed but couldn't. Apparently because I was 'too big'!!

  • We're doing building blocks and N has just asked me to build him a carrot.

  • Dawn's newest one is saying when she was a baby in the olden days. God knows where she got that from.

  • I don't have a toddler but my mates 3 year old told me to have my baby my head would come off and the baby would come out.
  • I had to take A to the midwife with me when I had a sweep, I was half expecting an awkward question from him but I didn't expect him to ask 'what is that man doing?' The midwife is a woman, but a stocky one with short hair. As of a stretch and sweep was awkward enough!

  • We've had all sorts here, but Ms current is to "pop" babies out her tummy (cos we all know it's that easy Laugh) she sticks dolls up her dress then lifts her dress and pulls them out. Great when in public!

  • My little one is only 16 months so is only just starting to really "talk" but she now announces her presence by saying "here she is"! (Our usual response when playin peekaboo) It makes me chuckle everytime!

  • Oh LP my friend's toddler gave me a "present" for the baby when I was pregnant (something random from her bedroom that she'd wrapped up) and then pondered how we could give it to him. Then she said "We'll have to out it up your bottom to give it to the baby". We managed to persuade her to just save it until he was born!

  • And now a brand new one from the same toddler, who came round with her mum to meet A this weekend. She say with him on her lap for 5 minutes and then said "How many days until you have another baby?". Erm, quite a few I would imagine!

  • Today my son was brushing grandmas hair and said "what are the black bits?"

    I found it hilarious. Clearly my mum is now more grey than she is her natural hair colour!

  • Brilliant, these have really made me chuckle! x

  • I've got another one!

    N has suddenly discovered going down the stairs on his bottom. No idea why as he always walks down.

    But he points to the stairs and says 'Mummy bottom!'

    So last night the 3 of us, me, N and H were all on the stairs going down on our bottoms!

  • Love some of these!

    O pushed his weetabix away at breakfast the other day and shouted "Cake...MMMMM!" Hmm, maybe later darling!

    Also rather than saying sit it sounds like "" so we have  "*** down" etc.....haha!

  • I love all the responses. Toddlers are fab! Isobelle has had a bad cough (which I found out today is a chest infection - feel a bit bad in just passing it off as a cold but there you go). So we were at the pharmacy today & had this very repetitive conversation with her:

    I: Chocolate cake

    me: They're sore throat sweets for grown ups (a packet of lockets)

    I: I have them

    Me: They're not for you

    I: I have it chocolate cake

    Me: It's not chocolate cake

    I: I hold it, I have it chocolate cake

    Me: It's not ours

    I: Not ours, i need it chocolate cake

    (& on it repeated!!)

    Also on Saturday my charming girl was eating lunch. Then she coughed up some phlegm & swallowed it & said 'delicious!!'

    This afternoon with her medicine she only took a mouthful of the antibiotics & said 'inscusting, it's impossible'. & it's was very tricky to get her to drink the rest (close to impossible!)

    Keep sharing ladies x

  • Isobelle sounds so much like Noah, Blackkat!

    He is obsessed with cake and would eat them for breakfast, lunch and tea if he could. He loves a mince pie!

    If he's climbed on something he says 'I did it hooray'. We also have 'fix it' and 'take that' and 'do it again' and every time he jumps on me he says 'poor Mummy'! He's so cheeky!

  • My son who is 31 months old was pretending to talk on his toy mobile phone but suddenly turned to me and said its not working Mummy coz there's no signal, when asked to do something he will turn round and say 'Yes sir, right away' and he also tells his Nan and Grandad off for being naughty and will tell them if they carry on being naughty they will go to bed.

  • one of my nieces when she was a bit bigger than a toddler (maybe about 4) she was running round my sisters living room and my sister turned to her and said "E. Stop running round in Circles, you'll get dizzy" to which E replied, without a moments hesitation "I'm not running in cirlces, I'm running in Triangles"

    She's now 8 and either has the best sense of humour, or no humour at all.  My oldest niece was at gymnastics and had learnt how to do the crab.  I asked E if she could do the crab and she looked at me and said "Yes. Of course i can" and then proceeded to crouch down and walk sideways using her hands as claws and "crab walk"

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