Tongue tie questions

I know there are a fair few people on here who've had experience of tongue tie. I've wondered for a long time whether N has a slight tie but haven't acted on it so far. HV was pretty dismissive today but I've found a private clinic who offer a free assessment clinic locally - do you reckon it's worth a go?

At 29 weeks, she is still a very messy feeder, we often both end up covered in milk. She has a slight indent in the tip of her tongue when she pokes it out and is super windy which I think is linked to pulling on and off frequently. She also still cluster feeds regularly and never seems satisfied.

Does this sound like a TT and do you think it's worth a trip to the clinic? I'm seeing the GP tomorrow about her slow weight gain (currently just over 9th centile, born around 75th) so can ask him but not sure if he will be that knowledgeable.

Thank you x


  • A heart shaped tongue can definitely be an indicator of tt - I'd say if they've a free assesment clinic you can't go too far wrong in having her looked at! In my experience health visitors, paediatricians, midwives etc can all miss tt pretty easily, even when directly asked if tt is present. :-(

  • J had quite a severe tt snipped at 2 weeks old. She had the classic heart shape and the pain feeding was unbearable.

    You have nothing to lose by going to the free assessment. J only got hers snipped as I insisted. No health professional seemed concerned by it.  

  • T had tongue tie and it affected his feeding enormously- he was getting what he needed but couldn't latch correctly making feeding difficult and painful. Apparently they determine whether a baby should have the procedure based not on the severity of the tie but its impact (i.e. on feeding) so I reckon it would definitely be worth seeing what the clinic says. If it helps, I was pretty confident he had tongue tie before the breastfeeding expert identified it thanks to google images so might be worth a look if you haven't already!

  • If its a free assessment then definitely go. S had his identified at 2 days old as I was lucky enough that the midwife that induced me was a privately trained TT division specialist and I insisted she check S when he was struggling to latch on. Three midwives before he missed it so its worth seeing a specialist if you can. Good luck!

  • Definately worth going if its free. A had a slight posterior tt so was tricky to spot, but it was snipped aroumd 3.5 weeks and we haven't looked back :)

  • If its free I'd go, you wont lose anything but time, and may get a positive outcome.

  • Thanks all, will see what the GP says in the morning and probably contact the clinic after that.

  • Like others have said if it's free then do go. I was very lucky that the hospital when doing her checks before we left suggested we go to the dr about it asap to get it sorted, drs have to refer you around here. Rather than pay £100 for a session like other people I know did. Our dr referred her out of our area (as they don't see them as an issue) and M had hers snipped at 10 days old. Like Rose said it was done on the severity and because M had lost 15% of her weight by that point and wouldn't latch on that was why we got hers done so quickly I imagine. Hope you have some luck having it sorted though.

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