Totally OT . Checking Bank statement probs

Well problem is probably the wrong word. £840 has appeared in my account that I'm not expecting. I phoned the bank and they've told me it's from Royal Sun Alliance but I have no idea why I have it, and I'm pretty sure it's gone into the wrong account. I don't have any dealings with them.

Any idea how I get to the bottom of it? 

Thanks x


  • Can you not ring their customer service dept, to see if you can get to the bottom of it?

  • I'd pop over to the forums on Martin Lewis's website: and ask there (and yes i think I treat Martin Lewis like my god, LOL!)

  • Thanks,

    Gemini - I rang them who said if they didn't know what dept I needed to speak to they couldn't help. I then rang the bank back and after 5 mins on the phone got a reference number. I then rang RSA back and they still couldn't help if I didn't know which dept I needed to speak to. By which time I'd used about 25 mins of my mobile phone monthly allowance.

    So I'm going to try HF idea and then I'm giving up. No doubt someone will come looking for the money and they can have it, I've exhausted all avenues so at least I've tried.

    I do hope there's not some poor family waiting for a payment that's been delayed though, or I'll feel really bad

  • Are you on Twitter? If you are send out a tweet to Royal Sun Alliance commenting on their failure to help you. Bet you get a response that way.

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