Tour of maternity unit - questions?

We are due to visit the hospital on Sunday for a tour of the maternity unit which I'm quite looking forward to.

I have absolutely no idea of what to expect and am rubbish at thinking of things to ask/look out for. I always think of loads of questions once I get home though!

Anyone got any tips on things to look for or questions to ask?


  • i cant really help as we dont have a tour we can watch a bvirtual one.

    but this is it:

    so you might be able to see things that you would want to ask questions about?

  • I asked tons of questions so many in fact the group were getting peed off with me! Laugh

    It was 3 years agoa so I can't recall what I asked but it was things like how many pools, how long to fill, midwife rotas with the pool (as not all midwives can assist with pool births) what happens if need to be transferred to delivery or operating theatre? After birth do you have a room on your own or on the ward, can your H stay with you or is he kicked out like mine was at 4am. Do they supply formula if so what ones? How long to be discharged if all goes well - when do doctors do their rounds every day?

    Oh and can I plus my straightners in or do I need an adaptor ROTFL The look the midwife gave me I'll never forget. Turns out your not allowed electrical equipment on the wards

  • Aside, I thought they'd stopped these for MRSA control?

  • I'd make a note of the practical thing like how much is car parking, or do they give you a voucher/pass for the duration of your stay, can you use a mobile phone, what are visiting hours like, is there a separate entrance for the night (my hospital had lots of entrances in use during the day but night access was restricted to a few entrances).

  • Thanks ladies, that's really helpful.

    Belle - your question about straighteners made me laugh!

    Rusty - fair point. The hospital's website says no children due to risk of infection, but I'm sure adults are just as likely to bring germs in as children are? Maybe there will be areas we're not allowed?

    Carole - would never have thought that about entrances! Imagine getting there and not being able to find out how to get in?!

  • Yes, check parking is pay and display or ticket, and if it is all change or card as well. Vending machines, expensive? Well stocked?

    I went to MLU but then went to hospital so had no real clue about anything. I arrived by ambulance so when I walked out to leave I had no idea where I had actually been iykwim!

  • Our hospital stopped doing them even before I had Zoe, although our community midwife gave us an individual tour because of H's issues with hospitals.  Now it feels like my second home, but still think it looks like you are in a battle ship.

    As for things to ask :-

    parking when in labour / parking at other time

    can you pay for an individual room (was an absolute lifesaver for me this time, i actually enjoyed my hospital stay)

    visiting times / who can visit

    do you need to provide own formula (if you intend to formula feed)

    I would imagine that they will probably cover everything you need to know

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