Travelling abroad with less than a 2 month old - is it possible??

Hey ladies

One of my besties is getting married mid-to end September.  My baby is due 4 August.....

She is getting married in Bordeux.  Looked at driving but have ruled it out given it's an 8 hour drive from Norther france.

We live in London/SE, so plane journey is 1.25 minutes which isn't too bad.  Is it possible?

Someone tell me it will be possible.....


  • We took A to America at 6 weeks. Was easy. She slept the whole time, I had to wake her for feeds as it was a 9 hr flight.

  • ah thanks LR that's made me feel so much better.  ha my H is a bit clueless and said "well can't we just leave baby with your parents"

    That makes me feel better as US a lot further than France!  Why did you go btw - to see family?  I know I am getting way ahead of myself but thinking of all bulky things we will need to take, but I guess it will just be pram and travel cot, and maybe not even a travel cot if the accommodation has it.

  • Id have thought itd be easier with a baby that small than an older one.  Baby will pretty much sleep and eat!

  • ahhh brilliant.  I am utterly clueless about these things.  For some reason I thought it would be easier with say a 6 month old!

    My friend is having a no kids apart from family rule, and it's a small wedding of 50 people.  She's made the exception for me though as baby will be obviously tiny.

    I suppose I'm lucky that she's getting married so close.  Also H is French so guess it's good to get baby used to travelling to France early!

  • We took a suitable from birth pushchair, the hotel supplied a cot. We were there for a martial art competition. It was Texas so mega hot. I took about 10 vests and 7 babygrows. 2 blankets on the pram. Change bag was my hand luggage and I had about 15 nappies in it, bought the rest there. A had no luggage allowance so that did her. She was bf so no need for bottles etc.

    honestly was easy.

  • We took E when she was a bit older at 15 weeks, and yep, absolutely possible. Much easier than taking a crawling/cruising baby at 7 months IMO.

  • Just be careful with the passport. First passports can take a week or they can take absolutely ages (as ours did). You can't apply until you've registered the birth so go immediately and apply for the passport immediately. I'm not sure about the rules regarding passports/ID within the EU but you should probably check.

  • I'm no expert but I looked it up and babies are fine to fly after 6 weeks (think once they've had injections?).

  • We travelled to Rome when our daughter was 3 months old & she slept most of the flight. I'd got my Connecta sling by then so it so easy to get around. We were lucky that her passport came through quickly but having an August birth in the middle of the busy travel season it might be worth making an appointment with the 1 of the passport offices (depending on how far from them you live) so it's rushed through quicker.

  • We paid for extra fast passport. Went to the passport office and applied in person. They dont need vaccinations, well A didn't get hers until we came home. Think she was 9 weeks.

  • My brother and his wife brought their 8 week old baby (along with their 2 yo son) to our wedding in June from the states, and they said the baby was perfectly fine, it was the toddler that was more hard work.

    I say do it.  

  • Hi ladies

    Thanks for all your tips and advice.  Definitely made me feel better about it and guess I will just have to be very organised.  Good points about the passport as well, will have to be on top of that - last year had to make an appointment for quick passport and was so smooth I will do something like that.  

    Been looking online and it seems it depends on the airline when you can fly - but any time from 2 t0 14 days.  If baby goes overdue for 2 weeks it won't be quite 6 weeks so will have to keep an eye on it.  Got my booking in appointment week after next so will mention it then to the MW.

    Thanks ladies!

  • I would say the smaller they are the easier they are to travel with especially if you are BFing, things I would be concerned about are

    a) if baby is over due (but looks like you have taken that into consideration)

    b) If you have a c section etc will you feel up to travelling with a tiny baby? Will you be comfortable to sit for 1-2 hours on a flight?

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