Tue 1st Tri

Morning all

thanks for all your well wishes yesterday - scan went great & my consultant was very understanding about everything, I really took to her. She has put me back to the 22nd August :) 

here is our first scan 7/8 weeks 

And here is yesterday - look at the difference!!

its so good to have it all out in the open! 

Hi to all who follow :) 


  • Glad the second scan went well sasasi. Lovely to be able to tell people.

    AFM just had to change my outfit as my skirt is too tight! I'm not yet 11 weeks! Still a fortnight to the scan and already clothes don't fit. I'm going yo be huge aren't I! :)

  • Morning sasasi lovely scan pics! Its great that you like your consultant as hopefully this will make it easier if you have any queries.

    Well I've decided to join the first to thread. I'm about 4-5 weeks I think. Last af started on 1st Jan but I got a bfn 3rd Feb so figure I must be quite early still. Rang the docs yesterday they should be getting back to me today about an appointment (my doc is off over half term and they were seeing if she could fit me in one day this week). Not really sure what will happen after that but we've been told we can have an early scan by the genetic consultant who we saw beginning of December with k and we have mentioned this to our gp. I think we might have a CVS to check for patau syndrome to give us peace of mind, so we shall see. We are of going to tell anyone until we have at keastsorted out dates for testing as we don't want parents to be worrying.

    Sorry that turned into an essay!

    Morning to everyone else!

  • Raincloud that's great it shows your bump is growing!

  • SaSaSi - glad your scan went well!

    Raincloud - I've been in my bigger clothes since about week 7! And I've bought a dress and skirt in a bigger size to wear to work. My stomach is huge! It's all bloating though :(

    Bunny - congratulations and welcome to first tri. Lovely to see you here. Good that you'll get an early scan and they are looking after you.

    AFM - no news really. Work is really getting me down and I just want out now. So fed up. Got my meeting Friday so just trying to get through to that really. X

  • Raincloud - Its all part of it! I havnt even tried on my jeans in 2 weeks. Shops are rubbish for maternity clothes, Im going to do an order on Next OnLine and see what fits!

    Bunny - welcome and congrats! Hope you get an early scan soon and everything is well :)

    Browny - Try not to let work get to you so much - its only short term and realistically getting out will help your long term plans to move etc? Concentrate on the bundle growing inside you :)

  • Morning!

    SaSaSi - fab scan pics. I'm pleased to hear your consultant was lovely - takes the stress out of things a little then.

    Raincloud - it's hard getting used to the change in our bodies, but it is all worth it :-) I think I'll find it harder this time around because I worked really hard to lose my baby weight, plus a bit more, last time so I'm going to be really conscious about not putting loads on again!

    Bunny - lovely to 'see' you here. I think we might be similar in dates as my last AF was 31st December.

    Browny - I hope this week passes quickly for you so you can get your meeting at work out of the way.

    AFM, I felt terrible first thing. Banging headache, a little nauseous and just absolutely shattered. I was in bed at 8:30pm last night. Not much else to report really, off to playgroup shortly and then a chilled out afternoon - hopefully F will be happy to sit and watch Peppa so I can put my feet up <bad mummy>

  • SaSaSi - what an amazing difference in the pictures! Glad everything is all well.

    Raincloud - growing is good! I'm only 5 weeks so no bump yet but I do feel bloated and am considerably more conscious of my tummy than before, I'm trying to wear clothes that aren't tight on that middle section.

    Congratulations Bunny, welcome to 1st tri! Perhaps you ovulated late in your cycle if you still had bfn on 3rd feb?

    Browny huge hugs, try not to let it bother you, each day at a time to get you to Friday x

    WG must be totally different 2nd time round when you've got a toddler to deal with! Not a bad mummy at all x

    AFM my poppyseed is now an appleseed and I'm starting to feel kind of queasy, think I might have to copy Gavi and have crackers on standby!

  • Great news SaSaSi - fab pic too!  

    raincloud - might just be a bit of early bloating Smile

    bunny - so lovely to see you here, really hope everything goes ok with getting the scan and testing.

    Browny - sorry to hear work is so rubbish, only a few days left until Friday Hug

    WG - not bad mummy at all, it's what I do with C recently as I've been so knackered all the time!

    Maltesers - haha, it's growing!  I mine was a grape last Sunday according to babycentre!  Hope the queasiness doesn't get too bad.

    I started feeling worse again at the weekend, and have been such a bad mood the last couple of days as well, especially with my H - feel awful for being so horrible to him Sad I know he understands though I'm glad to say Smile

    Feeling a bit guilty at work, I've had some training today and they're talking what I'm going to be doing in the next few months etc, and there's me thinking, well I might do that for a few months, but then I'll be gone for a year!  Not really looking forward to telling them, want to hold off until after my performance review is done mid March, but not sure I'll be able to hide it for that long - plus we'll be telling other people before then!

    Oh well, just have to carry on with it all for now.

  • Hi all, too late again for personals, but just wanted to share last weekend's piccie of babybean! S/he's definitely growing!!

  • Sorry late getting back to this! Hope you all had an OK day at work.

    Lovely scan pic barefoot.

  • Haven't had chance to get on today but great scan pics ladies and bunny, so pleased you're hear on first tri :)

    I've had an ok day today, felt a bit rough this morning as not sleeping great (we are staying at the in laws as our bathroom is being done and they're away) but it passes after a while.

    Will try and get on properly tomorrow x

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