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Tues 3rd tri



  • Heading out to volunteer soon, so have limited time, but wanted to reply to a few things quickly.

    Monnie, what is pgp?  I know it stands for pelvic girdle pain, but no idea what that really means...

    S4, I'm so curious about when your section date is!  Nice that you're keeping it close to yr chest, though, I like the tight of BAs being a surprise!

    Counter, the heartburn is horrible, I've been getting It almost daily at 4pm since 25 weeks :( just surviving on the calcium tablets.

    Bertie, way to stay positive!

    LL, hiya!!  I think we should be due to see wishful in here at some point, too and more 2nd tri ladies in a couple weeks.  It feels so weird to be here doesn't it?

    Flossy, at least you can rest without feeling guilty for missing work.  I always hated taking a sick day as I would always be checking emails and doing work from home, which never helped.  Rest up and feel better soon!

    VT, it's a horrible thing.  My step dad has stage 4 lung cancer, but it's in the lining of the lungs so not a damn thing to be done about it, no surgery could help, but at the minute he is lucky enough to be responding to a new treatment in the form of a pill!  But once he stops responding to it, there's nothing else they can do.  Lung cancer is a total ***.  I know it will be tough to see her and know she won't know your baby, but she will appreciate seeing you guys.  Inadequate and slightly weird internet hugs from me.

    Nothing new for me.  Baby is being very quiet yesterday and today.  At some point I have to lie down and make sure I can feel enough proper movements, I've started to get worried about it today,

  • Counter- As I had obstetric cholestasis before I am apparently have a  90% chance of getting it again. I am being naughty keeping my c section date quiet ;-)

    Bertie- Hope baby moves for you.

    Leelee- Hope the GTT went well

    Flossy- The children are excited, but we haven't told them when the baby is coming. Like you lot they know baby will be here by the end of the month. Hope you are having a nice rest on the sofa and that you feel better

    VT- so sorry to hear about your aunt. I lost my mum to cancer and I know what a cruel disease it is.

    Wispa- I think because this is the last time I am doing this I am being quiet about the date. Due to different reasons I have always known the date beforehand with all of my children. This baby has been far the quietest and sometimes it has been worrying. Hope you are getting more movements today. Sitting and resting does help!

  • I've come home early. My legs and feet are so swollen I left a 50 yr old man visibly and audibly distressed. Almost overnight the odema is wayyy worse. I feel okay in myself but the hands and feet are disconcerting. I've checked my BP at home and it's not medically a concern but it's definitely high for me. Working on sofa with feet up, and am OFF TOMORROW!!! :D

  • Thanks ladies for the welcomes :)

    AR - thanks re the heads up about the GTT, I had heard you need to take food with you, well I suppose you'd need it with not eating from 10pm the night before hehe :)

    Bertie - aw good to hear you don't find a pillow helps, thought I was being a bit of a freak for admitting it haha

    Counter - yep I have some ailments unfortunately haha :) I was thinking myself that I may have to sit up if it gets any worse, its horrid when all the acid comes into your mouth yuck! I totally feel for you. Yeah I hate the thought of the training and my Director wanted at least 6wks but when I handed my dates in as I'm using annual leave it makes it 8wks gahhh! My last day will be 21st May (10 days annual leave first then ML to follow) can't wait! My god I hope you are ok? I'm glad you've gone home to rest, just make sure you do, contact the mw if you get worse or even just to make sure it's ok :)

    Flossy - aw another that doesn't find a pillow helps :) I also move about a lot when I can move, I feel I need to shift otherwise I feel like I'm paralysed, I get up and out of bed too which does help with the movement

    VT - so sorry to hear about your H's aunty, it sounds like she has been through a lot already with her treatment, poor lady. It's so sad to know she won't see your little one, my Grandad got really sick a few weeks ago and I said to my Dad that nothing can happen to him until our baby arrives I want some pics of Grandad holding him, that I can cherish :) Glad to hear baby is ok :)

    wispa - hi ya, I've caught you up haha! Feels very weird indeed, but great to know we've made it this far :) I saw your pram yesterday, sounds like you done a great deal :) I'm sure your little girl is absolutely fine, I was told if I got no movements to lie flat and prod my tummy like the mw does and drink cold water. I hope she will be on the move soon :)

    S4 - the GTT isn't til tomorrow, thanks for your wishes :)


  • Counter - should you be giving the midwife a call if it's that bad? Make sure you're looking after yourself!

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