Tuesday 2nd tri

It's an early start for me, H has just left for Paris :( he's back tomorrow, though, but I've asked if he could please limit work travel in third tri as much as possible....  And on that note, it's the last day I can cling to the safety of 2nd tri, I'll have to migrate over to third tomorrow!  I'll miss 2nd tri, I don't know if I'm ready for 3rd.

i'll be back throughout the day, but hello to everyone!



  • Morning!

    Wispa last day in 2nd tri- eeek! You know what happens in 3rd tri don't you?!

    My tummy still isn't right today but it's a lot better. I told work I wouldn't be in today as I had to givd them notice to get my meetings rearranged, so today I will just take it easy snd maybe catch up on some washing etc.

    Happy 23 weeks to happy feet! Grapefruit day!

  • Aww, sorry H is away until tomorrow. I think asking his travel to be limited in 3rd tri is reasonable. H would be gutted to miss anything too. Good luck over on 3rd tri....this is the exciting bit; the final leg!

    AFM:Thankfully normal service has resumed in the Coco household. No more sick here :-) We're on move countdown now though, 1 month exactly to go! We're in a frenzy of packing boxes now so we can be prepped and not frantic at the last minute! Babywise not much to report at the mo, but stillgetting regular wriggles which is lovely...I loved it when pregnant with O and been itching for it to get going!

    Will be back throughout the day x

  • Imp - sorry you're still not 100%. Have you been to the docs? Take it easy today, hope you're feeling better soon xx

  • Glad everyone is better coco. I would say enjoy the packing but I know what a rubbish job packing up is! A month is exciting though!

    I had a docs appt yeserday, she thinks it's probably just a virus that will pass but she's asked for a sample anyway to be sure. She checked my blood pressure and had a feel of my tummy and said my uterus still feels ok so the cramps are defo stomach related.

  • Morning! Sorry I haven't been on for a few days.

    Wispa - eeeek last day in 2nd tri! 3rd tri seems really scary!

    Imp - have a good rest today. Glad you're feeling a lot better.

    Coco - glad the sickness has stopped.

    AFM - I have 2 days off with H now. One of them will be spent tidying the garden and doing a few trips to the dump and charity shops from clearing the spare bedrooms , the other we'll go out for lunch and do a bit of shopping and a walk.

    Hi to those who follow and sorry if I missed anyone! I'll try and get back online later.

  • Morning

    Wispa - have you got anything nice planned for today to distract from H's absence? Really hope he can limit his travel from now on. Good luck in 3rd tri! Woop! The end is in sight.

    Imp - glad you're feeling better. Still taking it easy? Really hoping the virus goes quick bless you.

    Coco - good luck with the packing! We've not had to face a whole house before so I don't envy you but it means you're nearly in your new place and that must be so exciting! What good timing for the sickness to disappear too.

    Ixia - enjoy your days off. Be really nice to be sorting the garden if the weather stays like this! It's meant to be raining here again on the weekend so I'm jealous.

    AFM - mothercare trip was good. We wheeled the xpedior about and even H had a go after 5 minutes of refusing as he was embarrassed haha. It seems really light and I think we preferred the 3 wheel base so we should be able to put the order in when we're at my gran's in just over a week (she's offered to buy us the pram bless her heart). Exciting!

    Hi to those that follow

  • Ixia enjoy your days off and the sunshine. Perfect fot getting the garden sorted.

    Jonesy yay to liking the pram! How exciting. It's lovely that your gran is buying you the pram.

  • Morning all!

    Wispa - eeek 3rd tri! That's where babies come from! Hope today/tomorrow goes quickly for you.

    Imp - liking the sound of a 'take it easy' day! Hope you get a nice rest.

    Coco - glad to hear there's no more sick! Good luck with the packing, it's always stressful moving but it sounds like you're getting on top of it all already.

    Ixia - enjoy your days off! Always a good feeling to get things done.

    Jonesy - ooh how exciting re: the pram, and lovely that your gran has offered to get it! Yay!

    AFM - A was still very ill yesterday,  can't remember if I updated but my mum came round (she's a GP) and had a listen to his chest. He definitely has a chest infection and I've got some antibiotics to give him. I didn't sleep at all well... he kept doing these huge squirms in his sleep and pulling my hair!! He slept well but I didn't! He's woken up full of beans, although didn't eat much breakfast and still barking like a seal when he coughs, so plan is to take him for his (rather late) 12-month checkup today anyway and get some shopping in. He isn't infectious we don't think so should be ok. They do like to worry you!!

  • Imp, 3rd tri is were babies happen!  I hope today has you feeling much much better.

    Coco, glad everyone's feeling better now.  And as for H being gutted if he was to miss anything, I think it's more that I wouldn't forgive him for not being there to support me!

    Ixia, 3rd is a super scary thought, which is why I didn't jump over there at 26+5/6 or whatever the other plausible date for it starting is.  Enjoy your two days off with your H.  Sounds like you've got a lot planned.  Will you be shopping for anything exciting, or just browsing?

    Jonesy, pram ordering!! Very exciting, we haven't ordered ours yet.

    I'm volunteering this afternoon and going out to a "bumps at the pub" thing this evening.  I'm a bit nervous about it, actually, but hoping to meet some other lovely local ladies.  H was supposed to go as well, but since he's away I'm taking Wispa as back up support.  I can be a bit shy around new people, so hopefully she will be a great ice breaker.  I seem to talk to loads of people when out with her.  

    I just added up all the things we have/want to buy for baby, and it's about £1500 worth, but over half that is the pram, and next week my mom is going to order some JL vouchers to go towards the pram,  so hopefully we can get that soon...

  • Hey ladies

    Been awol for ages, been so busy at work barely had time to come in.

    Wispa - glad your H limiting the travel. Will he bring you back from fresh macarons tomorrow?  I would demand that ;o) Congrats on graduating to third tri! Ha I reckon 2nd tri must be nicest of all.  first tri it's all nerves and symptons, second tri you feel a bit better then reckon the nerves must kick in with 3rd tri!

    Imp - sorry to hear you've not been well.  Glad you are on the mend though.  how long have you been suffering?

    Coco - glad the household on the mend - moving is horrible but amazing when settled into your new home.  Wow to feeling wiggles already, amazing

    Ixia - hope you enjoy your couple days off and get in a nice bit of relaxing too

    Jonesy - how lovely of your grandma - it must be a relief to make a decision on the pram!

    Saisi - sorry to hear A been poorly.  How handy to have a mum who is a gp!  Do you think he's on the mend today?

    Hi to all who follow

    AFM nothing to report, just been so busy at work - really, really sad, but a lady in my team's husband passed away so been really hectic. Hope everyone is well and hope to get back on here daily

  • CJ, des macarons! quelle bonne idée!  Sorry things have been hectic for you, and you're totally right about second tri being a safe haven in between the other two.

    Not sure how I missed you earlier, saisi!!  Glad A slept better and has meds. Chest infections are rubbish business, I hope it clears up soon.

  • Hi All,

    Quick hi from me - Hope you are all doing well. Had a check up today. My doctor put me on a CTG to see if I was having any contractions - was a tad shocked and asked why at this stage - she said she just wanted to chek that all was quiet which it was thank God!!!!

    Guy at work made a stupid comment to me today -  said - ''You are leaving in a few months anyway - you don't need to sign bank transfers anymore''!!   For those of you who don't know me I love my job - am # 2 in a company and have issues constantly aboput not being here and ''missing'' whats going on.   I'm not going to try and explain because it does'nt make sense as I cant wait to be off at the same time with my baby.....  its a touchy subject :(

    Talk soon  xx

  • Afternoon Ladies,

    My last day in 2nd tri and unfortunately i didnt get to chat much due to work :(
    Wispa - Shame hubby is travelling. My H works nights in London on the underground (we live in Brighton) and for the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy they'll put him on overground stations so he can atleast get phone signal. Your evening at the pub sounds lovely. I've not joined the NCT or anything so I feel like i may be a little bit on my own after the baby but my sisters due 8th April so i can always cling to her, and hopefully meet people at mummy and baby groups.
    Imp - Sorry you're not feeling too good. There was a bad bug going round my office but i managed to dodge it luckily so i do feel for you. Yay for being a grapefruit!
    Coco - exciting countdown for the move - H and I cant move until after when babys arou nd 6 months so i cant nest at all and its killing me. though I'm still excited I should be able to do a nursery as she'll only be 6 months.
    Ixia - Enjoy your time off with H
    Jonesy - Very exciting about pram! I havent picked one, cant decide and H is really fussy too which doesnt help.
    Saisi - Good news that hes woken up chirpy, hopefully he's over the worst of it now.
    CJ - Awful news about your colleague. Hopefully the work load lightens up soon.

    AFM - I had a 4D scan yesterday, shes perfect. She is the spitting image of her step sister who happens to look exactly like dad so once again his genes have overpowered. They did a growth scan and shes pretty normal. Little thighs, slightly chubby belly and spot on for her head so shes all good. Has been estimated as 2lb 11oz which my mum has told me is large but I like a little chubby baby - plus theres 12 weeks to go so it can all change! We were also told theres not a single hair on her head, shes completely bald haha, hopefully that changes before the birth but I was pretty much bald when born too so maybe thats the only trait of mine she'll take

  • wispa - thank you, he's still asleep so we'll see. I've had an easy couple of hours on the internet but may be getting bored now...! Bumps at the Pub sounds like a fab idea, and I'm sure W will be a great icebreaker!

    CJ - lovely to see you, was wondering where you were. Can't believe how close you are to halfway! Sorry to hear about your colleague's husband, that's very upsetting :( A is a bit better today but still coughing, thank you.

    Sue - ignore the silly man! Glad the check-up went well.

    WW - ahhhh what a fab set of pics! So clear! Really cute :)

  • Wispa- third tri, how exciting. What does your H do? Wish I had overseas travel with my job.

    Imp-glad you're feeling better. I hope your day is restful, don't do too much housework.

    Coco- we moved in the summer, it was a busy time but it all got packed somehow! I quite enjoyed the opportunity to declutter.

    Ixia- lovely day here, so hopefully you got things done in the garden. Enjoy your time with H, lunch sound lovely.

    Jonesy- glad you found a pram you liked. I think my H will be exactly the same! He is refusing to discuss such things currently as its too soon apparently!

    Saisi- I hope A is in the mend. It must be hard seeing him under the weather.

    Cj- sorry you're so busy at work. Try to make some relax time for yourself.

    Sue- some people speak before they think. Ignore him. I live my job too, and I have already started planning things for my absence so things run smoothly. People keep telling me to leave it, baby is most important, which they are but so is my job. I've worked hard to get to this point and I don't want there to be problems. It's mixed feelings, total excitement at being pregnant but concerns over how it will effect so many things. Does that make any sense?!

    WW great news about the scan and lively pics. Enjoy 3rd tri.

    AFM- I'm busy at work, last week was so hectic, but weekends are calmer, luckily. Went walking Sunday  and my walking trousers didn't do up! So I had to rescue them with the hair bobble trick! Sorry I don't get on much, but hope you're all ok.

  • Wispa - wow 3rd tri already?!?!  Very best of luck over there xxx  Hope you enjoy your evening.  I'm sure you'll meet lots of nice people.

    Imp - happy grapefruit day.  Hope you feel better soon.  Good idea not going into work today.  Take it easy.

    Coco - glad things are more normal in your household apart from the packing of course!!!!  Lovely that you are feeling the moments and enjoying them.

    Ixia - enjoy your 2 days off - sounds like you've got lots of plans.  Hope you get through them all but find some relaxation time as well.

    Jonesy - glad you had fun with the prams and you've found one that you want to buy.  Bless your little gran for offering to pay for it.

    Saisi - sorry your little one is still poorly.  Sending lots of get well soon vibes to him.

    CJ - Sorry work has been so hectic under bad circumstances.  

    Sue - glad all is going well with you.

    WW - such lovely pics.  Glad everything is ok with Baby WW.  Very best of luck in 3rd tri xxx

    RainCloud - Hope you're managing a bit of chill time.  I've had to do the hair bobble trick too.  Perfect excuse to get yourself out the shops and buy some nice new mat clothes.

    AFM - work is manic.  Stupidly manic but at least I've got a countdown to look forward to.  I've only got 3 months left to work then I'll be off for nearly 10 months!!!!  Unfortunately work is pretty much going to be crazy all the way up to my last day.  Hopefully that will make it go quickly!!!!!

    Babywise - Baby CA seems to be a little bit quieter today than yesterday but I've still been feeling the kicks and movements.  Absolutely desperate for H to feel a kick but its just not happening.  Fingers crossed it happens soon!!!!

    Got my MAT B1 form yesterday so will officially be handing that in tomorrow together with my form to give notice to my work of my intended maternity leave dates.  Exciting!!!!

    Hi to all that follow

  • Jonesy - I got no gardening done in the end as it came over cloudy and cold. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. How lovely that your Gran has offered to buy the pram.

    Saisi - hope A gets better soon.

    Wispa - just browsing for some bits for the nursery and into the charity shops to see if we can find any bargain baby clothes. I popped into town on Monday and found a red zip-through Baby Gap hoody in a charity shop for £1.99 so am now on the hunt for a few more bargains!

    Sue - what a stupid man, but glad the check-up was good.

    WW - lovely scan photos!

    Raincloud - glad you get a bit of a calmer time at work at weekends. Great trick with the hair bobble!

    H has now gone to the cinema to see 300 Rise of an Empire, so I have a few hours to have a bath and watch what I like on TV!

  • Missed you CA. Hopefully your H will get to feel a few movements soon. How exciting to get your mat leave dates in. I'm really looking forward to getting my dates in for mat leave. My position is being advertised, which is a bit odd when you see email applications and CV's coming in!

  • RC, he's a forensic accountant and his current investigation has taken him to Geneva for a whole year doing 2-4 days a week and then we went to Paris full time for a few months in the autumn.  The Paris work is still ongoing, though.  

    CA, very exciting thinking about mat leave!  And I'm sure your H will feel something soon.  Mine has only felt baby a handful of times because even though there are times it seems baby is going nuts in there, whenever I grab him hand baby stops!

    Ixia, I never even thought to look in charity shops for things, what a good idea!

  • Sue - what a knobbish comment for your colleague to make.  What did you say?   I already have work-mat-leave paranoia about my replacement!

    Wishfulwhispers - AMAZING scan photo!

    RC - *waves* - ha can't believe you have walking trousers!  that sounds very dedicated!

    Saisi - glad A seems a little better - hopefully anti-bs will kick in soon

    CA - yey to your mat form! must suddenly all seem real and official.  When are you planning to leave?

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