Unsure of dates ? Advice? X

Ok I got midwife Tomo but totally unsure of dates ... Anyone else been like this ? How did midwife date you?

i think I am at least 7 weeks but my last 2 periods were odd... In June had normal bleed then in July had a very light bleed only lasting a few days. Then a week later a Heavy bleed that lasted 2 weeks.... Roll on a month later and I get a very strong instant two lines on tests... I usually am very regular and not had unusual cycles before ... Anyone had anything similar before... 



  • I'd just tell the midwife everything and let her decide! They'll probably decide to scan you based on you being the furthest on you could be, to make sure you don't miss the opportunity for the nuchal testing. If it's too early you'll just get to see baby twice!

  • Thanks OB it's been on my mind a lot... It's sounds odd but just worrying about nothing most likely lol x x hope you keeping well x

  • I came off my pill in early May, had the usual end of pill bleed and then nothing until I got a positive test at the end of July. As you know I had my scan today (and it turned out I was pretty much spot on 12 weeks as it happens). They originally wanted to book my scan for the 8th October (and I would have been almost 15 weeks by then) but when I explained the situation they seemed to err on the side of caution and moved my scan a couple of weeks earlier so it wouldn't be too late for the nuchal measurement to be done. Hopefully your midwife will be able to arrange something similar.

  • Thanks for sharing your story Flossie:) x hopefully find out today x

  • Mine took it as two weeks from the date of my last period which I knew was too early but I think they would rather be early than late! X

  • Hi well went today she has put me as 7 weeks with a ? Mark on referral to hospital so no further forward just said that we don't know and ill be dated at scan accurately x

  • Glad it went well x

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