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My HV came out to see us yesterday to see how we were getting on. I was filling her in again on P and how she has days where she cries inconsolably for hours on end and others where she is happy and queried yet again milk allergy or lactose intolerance. She suspects lactose intolerance. I then broke down after another horrendous day yesterday and told her about how P just never sleeps during the day. I scored quite high on the PND questionnaire so she said she would come back and see me again in 4 weeks. She called my GP surgery later that day to make sure they gave me an appt for today.

So saw the GP and discussed how i was feeling. I dont think i have PND as i only feel low and cry all day when P is really bad so just keeping an eye on that.

As far as P is concerned she doesnt think its a milk issue as her bad days are so random but at last she has been referred to a paediatrician so we may finally be getting somewhere. I am wondering now if its sonething i am eating that is upsetting her but we shall see what they say. I finally feel like soneone is starting to listen to me after 3 months of me saying somethings not right.


  • Biggest of hugs to you MM! You've really had a time of it with P. I'm glad to hear that you're finally getting somewhere. Hopefully you'll get some answers from the pediatriction as to what's causing P's bad days. Chin up though lovely! You're doing really well! I don't think I'd be able to keep it together half as good as you do! Xxx

  • Glad you feel like there's some progress. Can you start keeping a food diary?

  • RKB I am really not holding it together well at all!! On P's bad days i just cry and cry. One day last week i said to H i could have run away from it all. Its so exhausting seeing your beautiful little baby crying like that and no amount of comfort from me makes any difference.

    WH i am definitely going to start keeping a food diary. I had fajitas on Sunday night and P was really bad yesterday so i wonder if spicy food could be one thing although i dont eat enough spicy food for it to just be that.

  • Glad to hear you are getting somewhere but sorry you are having such a tough time. Hopefully things will be on the up for here.

  • Oh poor you Maisie... Glad you finally got a referral.. Lets hope you get some answers...look after yourself Hun

  • So pleased you are getting somewhere. I hope the appointment comes through soon.

  • You have had such a tough ride, I hope this is the start of sorting things out. Lack of sleep / screaming baby is killer. X

  • So glad you have been referred on MM, you have been through so much xxx

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