Using a Moses basket and a crib?

I've got a lovely Moses basket but just been thinking about the fact that baby won't be in it for that long and wondering if I should get a crib now for our bedroom and just use the moses basket for daytime naps in the lounge etc? I don't want baby to be unsettled by using both? 

We live in a bungalow so haven't got to carry anything up/downstairs. Just thought it might be easier to have the crib from day one so I feel like it's got more use rather than wait til baby outgrows Moses basket, any thoughts?


  • If you already have the Moses basket and your cot or cotbed fits in your room I wouldn't bother with a crib. We have a big Moses and the cribs I saw were same width and a little bit longer so she wouldn't have been in it much longer than the Moses. Both of mine outgrew that by 10 weeks. And went straight into their cotbed.

  • That's exactly what we did BE!  W was so big that he was only in it for about 12 weeks.  But we got our Moses basket and crib from my SIL, so it wasn't such a big deal finacially.  I thought it was great! Although i'd advise getting a decent mattress as i found the one that came with the moses basket wasn't very nice.  I went to John Lewis and got 2 similar mattresses for the moses basket and crib.

  • The only reason I would have got one is that they are so cute!

  • How long did W last in the crib RKB?

  • Just realised, he's probably still in it?!

  • VE - We *could* get the cot in our room but I'm not sure I want to move it out of the nursery! I don't want to buy a crib and then find that it doesn't last until at least 6 months though.

  • We had a Moses for #1 and he outgrew it at 4 weeks! This time we got a crib (2nd hand £10!) which is in our room with Moses downstairs. He's in his toddler/rocker chair downstairs now so the Moses we had before is already defunct after a month!

  • I have the Saplings Katie crib and mine were in it until 8 and 9 months. L was the full length of it but was still happy in it.

  • Thanks IDC and LR. Think I will order the crib as H has said he doesn't want the full sized cot in our room. Will have to make sure it all gets plenty of use with subsequent babies hehe!

  • iv'e got both hun, Moses will be downstairs and crib will be next to our bed x

  • I've never used a moses basket.  We use the pram carrycot for naps downstairs and the Crib (Katie Sapling like LR) for upstairs.

  • We did the same as JB. A decent carrycot which lasted until 28 weeks for naps and a crib upstairs. E is 9st percentile height and weight and would still fit in ours now (sapling gliding crib) but I had to stop using it when she could sit herself up, about 20 weeks iirc and we then used the travel cot until we moved her at 28/9 weeks.  Definitely didn't confuse E using then both. When you think of it a teeny baby sleeps everywhere (well if you are lucky and they don't just want you). E Slept in the crib,  in the cot if I were busy in the nursery,  bouncy chair,  floor mat, pram,  carseat,  sling. Not done her any harm x

  • Luckily we given both but needed them as it's 2 flights of stairs up to our room, which would've been fun with the moses basket so we had the moses basket downstairs for daytime naps & the crib in our room for when we went up to bed. She was fine in both until 6 months but really depends on teh size of the baby!

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