UTI - how much should i be worried?

Had my 25week midwife check on Wednesday just gone. Protein was showing in my urine sample. Midwife said probably a UTI, they would send it away for analysis. I was a bit surprised - I felt fine!

Off I toddled to my sisters for 3 nights. Still feeling fine. Get back today and my post to find letter from doctors surgery saying my sample "leaked in transit" (they dropped it!?) And could I provide another sample. 

Well doctors surgery is now closed till Monday. I still feel fine. Should I be worried?


  • I've read that UTIs can have less symptoms during pregnancy and I think the key thing is to stop it before it reaches your kidneys (I believe if it does there are links to low birth weight?) Kidney infections are pretty painful so I'm sure you'd know about it, it sounds like they'll probably treat you with anti-biotics to clear it up before it gets to that stage.

    Please try not to worry, I've had a UTI and was really worried about if it could affect the baby but lots of googling turned up very little in the way of concerns (and I'm sure you know that usually if there's an inkling that it could cause problems it's all over google!!) Just get the sample in on Monday and hopefully the anti-biotics will clear it up :-)

  • I'd not worry much. If it was urgent I'm sure they wouldn't have sent just a letter.

    Drink lots of cranberry juice until Monday x

  • Do you reuse your sample bottle?

    At the health centre where I go for my MW appts they treat sample bottles like gold dust and say I have to keep the bottle and reuse it. But the last two times I've done this when they've tested it's shown a UTI even though I've no symptoms, so they then give me a new bottle to do a sample to send off and both times its come back clear , so I'm convinced its just because I'm using a used bottle that I've just had to rinse out under the tap.

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