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UTI in child

I think A (4) has a urine infection. She's constantly needing to pee but says when she goes not much comes out but she still feels like she needs to go.

She doesn't have a temp or feel unwell, isn't in pain

Do you think it's OK to leave it til Monday to see a doc or should I be going to out of hours?


  • I'd ring 111 and see. They might give you advice to help ease it (water,  cranberry,  barley water etc) but personally I would try tackle early. I can only speak from experience as an adult but they can get nasty quickly. I can go from being uncomfortable to peeing blood in a matter of hours if I don't take action.

  • Thanks LM, I'm in Scotland so will need to call NHS24 - they'll no doubt send me to OOH's but my H is on nights. Think I'll try and get her seen 1st thing tomorrow. Weirdly she's been fine since we got home from shopping and not complained at all but was the same yesterday

  • G was doing exactly the same thing a few months back and i got her checked but she was all clear. It went on for weeks and drove me nuts as she was constantly asking to go to the loo but then didnt need to go. At its peak she would try and go 5 or 6 times in half an hour. So what i am trying to say is definitely get it checked out but if its all clear it might just be another odd phase they go through....!

  • Thanks mm, was driving me mad today cos we were out so we kept having to walk ages to find toilets.  

  • Gosh sounds difficult. Hope she is OK. Tbh I think if it were bad enough to rush off to OOH then she wouldn't sleep iyswim.  Hope she is either better today or you can get seen. X

  • Thanks LM,  she doesn't seem as bad today so just going to wait til tomorrow and get gp to see her

  • Ally, my GP was very awkward when I took M with a urine infection earlier this  year, said she needed a sample to send to hospital for analysis, 5 days for results. I had to stand my ground to get her urine checked in the surgery (gp gave me options of wait it out or take to sick kids hospital!) but she eventually did the urine dip test which....surprise surprise....showed infection and we got antibiotics. Obviously could have just been that gp, but they are perfectly capable of testing urine in the surgery so don't let them fob you off xx

  • Thanks weekender,  will make sure they test it there and then

  • How is A today Ally?

  • She's back to normal now thanks LR, took her to nursery today and asked her teacher to keep an eye on her. She didn't go to the toilet at all and didn't complain so I think whatever she had on Fri and Sat has cleared up itself

  • That's good. Glad it wasnt anything worse x

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