Vicks on feet...

I've seen this recommended here but does it still work effectively if baby is in a sleepsuit and gro bag? Might be a silly question but my baby has his first cold (3 months old) and wanted to try this tonight.


  • Yes it's recommended that you put it on and then cover!

  • I use snuffle babe which is the kiddie type one and put it on feet before sleepsuit and grobag and also put it on her chest.


    I hope it works tonight.

  • Thanks. VE - would you say snufflebabe is better? Is it abailable in Tesco/Sains?

  • Sorry been busy.  It is the only kiddy one they do in my Tesco.  I didn't know Vicks do a kids one, am guessing they are all much of a muchness.

    Make sure you elevate the head of his bed which really helps, we just put blocks under the head end feet.  Oh and put olbas oil for kids on a tissue under the cot.  Cover all bases!!!

  • I looked at these a few weeks ago as A had a cold.  I went with snuffle one as Vicks can't be used on under 3 yr olds I'm sure.  I put it on a's chest and feet and also good baby snuffle bubble bath.  Got mine from sainsburys x

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