Vitamin advice....a little worried!

I took a multivitamin from finding out up to week 14 which inc all essentials and folic acid but none since.   i read today ladies do all the way through! I am worried I should have / should be! Will it hurt to start again now at week 20+4? 


  • I didn't take them at all from around 14 weeks.  I was already taking ranitidine and iron tablets 3 times a day and couldn't face taking any more.  

  • I've never taken a multivitamin.  I take folic acid but only because I'm still using up the bottle!!! Otherwise just tried to make sure I have a decent diet.  It's a personal choice whether you do or not

  • Babies are parasites - they literally take what they need.. So the vitamins / healthy diet etc is actually to replenish your own supplies.

  • I'd read you only need to take them up to 12 weeks, I took them up to 14 weeks as I was using them up! Nothing to worry about x

  • It's recommended that you take folic acid for at least 12 weeks, but anything else is entirely up to you. I did take pregnacare throughout both my pregnancies and when BF, but that was for my own benefit. As someone has already said, the baby will take everything it needs regardless, so don't worry.

  • Thank you all again, as always si reassuring.x

  • I took folic acid up to 14 weeks and then switched to the Pregnacare Pregnancy vitamins. If you've got a varied diet I wouldn't worry too much but if you feel like you want to take something then starting now would, I'm sure, still provide some benefit.

  • I took them all the way through, my MW said it really helps iron levels and mine never dipped all the way through. I think as WH said, baby is fine, but vitamins are good for your well being - energy levels too, and aren't going to do anything but good for baby. Personally I would start taking them again.

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