Want to tell work!

I'm 9 weeks and don't want to tell work for as long as I possibly can, just in case being preggers affects things for me.

We were joking around in the office at tea-time about biscuits and one of my team, she's only early twenties, such a lovely girl, said really sincerely "well, I'm just glad to hear [Counter] laugh, it's been ages hasn't it? That's nice".

I nearly burst in to tears. I struggle to be here all of the time. Sometimes I sneak off for 5 minutes away from everything just to try and get my head together. I never feel as nauseous outside so I pop out there as much as I can get away with, but don't want to be seen to be taking the p***.

I think they think I am unhappy with them, even though I try and convey I'm not. I am having a low 5 minutes, feel like crying and just want to tell them WHY I am a miserable bint so that it all makes sense. I've been like this for 6 weeks or more, some days very bad, I've gone home early twice. They're so sweet and it was such a nice thing for her to say.


  • I really feel for you Counter.  I had to tell my manager when I was 5 weeks gone as my mood swings were so bad she would have quite possibly issued me with my P45 before my 12 week scan.  Can you not confide in your team but tell them you want them to keep it quite for the time being?

    Hopefully when you do tell your work they will be understanding and it won't affect anything.

    Hope you start to feel better soon too x

  • Thanks Mrs Poon! You must have felt hideous to have 'fessed up that early! Was your manager supportive?

    I think I have decided if it gets that bad and I have to blurt, so be it, and I feel better for knowing it's great if I can hold off but if I can't it's just one of those things. I'm trying to be more cheerful as I don't want them thinking their jobs are at risk because things are difficult here and it would be a natural assumption for them to make. They're all so lovely that I feel bad that I am making the office a less nice place to be. Although I do buy the best biscuits so am trying to even things up Big Smile

  • hope the next few weeks go quickly and you start to feel better and can share your exciting news. I remember my manager returning from her delayed honeymoon and us all being really worried about her. she refused to talk about it (she'd gone on a cruise and had talked about how excited she was for months) and being really strange. we thought that maybe she'd had a big bust up with her new husband and the marriage was in crisis. turns out that she had severe morning sickness. we were so relieved when she was finally able to tell us the good news.

  • She was fine and was really pleased for me but I did ask her to keep it quiet as I had a very long way to go.  I'm not a superstitious person and believe things happen for a reason and by me telling my manger earlier i didn't think it would make any difference.  It it hard the early days as you prob feel so tired to at the moment.  I'm sure everything will work out and I bet a few may even guess before long too x keep me posted on how it goes when you do break the good news to them x I bet the fab biscuits are working a treat with them too x

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