warning tmi! Bleeding mid cycle?

Hi ladies,

Thought I'd post this over here to see if anyone can shed any light. I've just been to the loo & I seem to have some bright red blood. Weirdly I kinda felt like I was leaking. I'm on cd11 of my cycle so it's very strange timing. I can't feel any pain but we did dtd last night (for the 1st time in a few weeks Embarrassed) This is the tmi bit, it kinda feels as if something has split & doesn't feel quite right. Is there a way you can catch something up there whilst wiping or having sex?

I'll phone the doctors in the morning if it's still present but it's more than just spotting so I'm just a little concerned. Any experience of anything similar this early in the cycle or advice (& don't say rest as I have my dress/tech rehearsal for my drama groups christmas show this evening, with another reheasal tomorrow & then the shows Fri eve, sat matinee & sat eve),

Thanks ladies x


  • I just wiped again (I know obsessive) & there were 2 small clots. I'm trying not to panic as I did a pregnancy a few days past when I was due as my af was weird this month & it was neg but it's niggling me that it could be a bad sign.

  • Blackkat I've no experience of it but didn't want to read and run. Did you do a further test after the second one?

    I would defo call the docs if you're worried about it.

  • I did the weird curved 1 & then another one after that was neg. I did it in the evening but it would've been a few days after I'd have been due so it would've shown up if I'd have been pregnant wouldn't it? As when I got my last bfp I was a few days late & I tested late in the evening.

  • I would have thought it'd show up at that stage then.

    Have you been taking supplements? Just wondering if they could have affected your AF?

  • I have. I started taking vit b complex this cycle to help lengthen my cycle & stop the spotting & agnus castus which I took last time I was ttc to try to lengthen the luteal phase. Also still taking a range of other supps but they're the only new ones. Must try to relax & get my head into christmas mood for my dress rehearsal. Will see the doc tomorrow

  • I hope the docs can give you some answers. I can understand why you mind is questioning things.

    I hope the rehearsal goes well tonight.

  • Thanks Imp, I'm just really hoping that there's a perfectly good innocent reason

  • Having been lurking in ttc your period wasn't the same as usual last time round was it? Just wondering if it's just a funny cycle? Def give the docs a call though if concerned and usually regular x

  • Sorry just replied on other thread, cd 1 usually counts as first day of full flow red blood. Have u just had spotting prior to this?

    Have you recently stopped bf? That mucked my cycles up a bit

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