Waste of time mw appointment

I had my 16 week mw appointment today, what a waate of time. She checked my blood pressure, felt the top of my uterus for about 3 sec (took me longer to get on and off the bed) and that was it. She has as much personality as a door frame which I guess doesn't help!


  • Lol, what else did you want her to do?? That's all my appointments ever were until they started listening to HB and measuring bump

  • Yep, same as mine was. 28 week appointment was more interesting as you get to have bloods done again ;) haha I did actually get them to listen to HB at 16 weeks too although I was told that it might be too early to hear anything and I have also been told that at some clinics they don't bother listening in if you have had an active baby as that is more that enough of a sign that all is well.

  • They never felt the top of my uterus at my appointment. just took blood pressure and that was it

  • Ive happily skipped it and meeting.cons at 18 weeks instead :-)

  • All my appointments have been to check blood pressure and thats it.  Only from my 28 week and then my most recent one at 32 weeks did they measure me.  

  • Did she not test a urine sample? If it's your first they won't measure bump til 24 weeks and 28 weeks for your second. And mine listened to HB from 16 weeks too.

  • I still haven't had bump measured with a tape measure, is that what you mean by measuring bump? They have felt the top of my uterus everytime and tested my urine (when I could provide one!). Last time she was only going to listen in with a pinard too but I asked to listen to the HB just for peace of mind.

  • Sounds like mine!

    My wisfie was ill so i had to go and see one at another hospital and she was so busy with the  extra patients I then saw another who seemed swamped!

    She tested my wee, felt my bump and took my blood pressure.

    Im hoping that at my next appointment I can listen to the heartbeat as I havent heard it yet!

  • I dont think its a waste of time having your blood pressure checked and making sure your uterus is the right size for your dates. All important checks! Not much else they can do at 16 weeks unless you had any specific questions.

  • I had my blood pressure and height of uterus checked 2 weeks ago though so just seems like a waste of their time and mine!

  • Oh I suppose so if it was only done 2 weeks ago!

  • She did urine, bp and heartbeat at mine, but didn't ask me how I was, not even out of courtesy. She moaned about how little was in my notes from the booking appointment (she did it) and how it must have been at the end of the day (no it was 9.30am and the appointments before and after me had been cancelled). When she told me she was moving to a different surgery I can't say I was disappointed!

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