Water birth.

At my booking in apt today the midwife talked about my different birthing options. I know I have ages to choose and whilst she  felt I was probably low risk things can change, but I just wanted to start thinking about options. I quite like the idea of a water birth, but I suspect H will take some convincing. So has anyone got any stories/ experience, good and bad, that they don't mind sharing please? 



  • I wanted a water birth, but wound up being induced so couldn't have one. I did have a nice bath while I was in labour and the water really does take the edge off the contractions.if I ever decide to try a vbac I would plan for a water birth if I can.

  • RKB can you not have a water birth if induced? I never realised!

  • I started in the pool and it did help alot. My baby was facing sideways though so ended up with bad hip pains that needed drugs! It was nice early on though and totally worth a try. You can always get out if you don't like it x
  • Nope!  I was gutted when I went to induction. I'm not entirely sure of the reasoning, I think it has something to do with how quickly your contractions come on, you need to be monitored more. But don't quote me on that!

  • P.s. where I am you can have a water birth with just the pessary but not if you then need the drip
  • I wish I could have done that LP! My entire labour was exactly what I didn't want! Definitely going to look into the pessary thing because I don't know if I could have if that's the case!

  • I planned a water birth but didn't end up with time to get in. I wanted one so I could move about easily and take the weight off my back and hips. I have several friends who have had one and loved it. Hoping to get one this time.
  • I was induced and had a waterbirth, my birth story is here:


  • Where I am it's the same rules as LP, as long as you don't need the drip! I really wanted a water birth but didnt get one in the end!

  • Thanks ladies. Estrellita, you birth story was really helpful (and cute pic of baby) , so thanks for that.

  • I laboured in the pool and it was brilliant for pain relief! I would always ask for a pool. You can get out if you don't like it.
  • I was in the pool for a bit but the mw made me get out as it was slowing the labour down. To be honest it did nothing for me and I wouldn't use it again.

  • Everyone I know who has had one recommends it. But at the birthing unit at my hospital there's only one room with a pool out of 9 so I don't want to get too fixated on it. I like it for the idea of pain relief but I don't want to be disappointed if I get there and it's already in use so I'm keeping an open mind!

  • I loved my water birth and would definitely recommend it!

    This is my birth story.  mumdrum.com/.../8230.aspx

  • I had a home water birth with my son and it was amazing. The water gave such pain relief and moving was easy in the water. I laboured on all fours and delivered him myself. I didn't have any tears or anything and I'm sure the water helped with that.

    I think it's important to not get in too early or it can slow things down. I didn't get in the pool til the mw examined me and I was 8-9cm and ready for some relief then so it worked well.

  • I had a waterbirth and loved it. I loved the space that I had as my own, and found the water very calming and relaxing and it really helped with the pain. I honestly can't imagine how people do it out of the water as it was such a massive help for me. I wouldn't do it again any other way!

  • raincloud

    Thanks ladies. Estrellita, you birth story was really helpful (and cute pic of baby) , so thanks for that.

    Ah glad it helped, my induction was a really positive experience and using the water was brilliant as I didn't need any other pain relief the water was so good! I had diamorphine in the house that had been prescribed for my homebirth but in the birth centre it didn't occur to me to ask for anything! Laugh

  • You can be induced and have a WB round my way too, think you were unlucky rkb! So long as you aren't on the drip of course. I was all set for one but there was a plumbing issue when they tried to fill the pool, sob! I had a lovely bath for about an hour though, with aromatherapy oils and it really took the edge off the pain. I only got out when I had to push, and wouldn't hesitate to use the pool if there is a next time.

  • I desperately wanted a water birth but wasn't allowed to get into the water until I reached a certain dilation (can't remember now - birth story on my old laptop) around 5cm. Was left 2 hours after 1st examination (mw wanted to leave it 4) & after she returned to check I got in for about 20 minutes as I'd been pushing for the entire 2 hours & if I continued to push too soon I'd have torn a lot so had to get out. Very frustrating. If I manage to get pregnant again I'm hoping for a home birth in which hopefully I can don't have to wait to be so far dilated or at least can be examined in shorter bursts.

  • I am actually really annoyed I wasn't allowed! It was in my birth plan and everything! And I only had a pessary. I think I'll be going to another hospital the next time.

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