We have a tooth!!

Pointless post really, but I'm just so happy he has finally one!

Time to get the toothbrush out!


  • Ah bless!  We don't have any yet

  • It's been threatening for months! Just a wee sharp lump on his gum. One down, another 30 odd to go!

  • Yipee. We got two at once bang on 6 months and the top two have been bothering him for weeks now and I wish they would hurry up! Hope he didn't suffer too much.

  • He didn't seem bothered about cutting them actually. We have an amber anklet that W wears that seems to be helping him a lot! Highly recommend them if you don't have one already!

  • Oh yes I've got two! Nothing helps him sadly.

  • Poor soul.I hope you find something to help him. It's hard when they are going through it. The husband has a wisdom tooth coming in too so it's all go for my boys!

  • Where did you ladies get the anklets from?

  • Ah bless him. Dont worry only 19 more to go (babies have 20 i think so not quite so bad!) X

  • Yay! No teeth for us yet although lots of dribbling and pain. How does the amber anklet work?
  • I got mine from wriggles and giggles. They have a Facebook page. You need to measure their ankle for ordering the right size.

    Not sure how it works Ferbs, something to do with the healing properties in the amber rstones against their skin. If you believe in that sort of thing. But given how much of a difference it has made to William, I'm a believer!

  • I may well have to give it a go then!!!

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