Weaning advice please

We started weaning H about 2 weeks ago at 24 weeks and he doesn't really seem interested.  He opens his mouth for the spoon and will happily grab the spoon or any pieces of food and shove them in his mouth, but I suspect that is because he puts everything in his mouth - he actually seems a little bit disgusted when he realises that it's food and it gets dribbled or spat out.  I feel some of it must be going in, but not very much and more by luck than effort on his part.  I know at this stage it should just be about fun and getting used to tastes and textures etc so I'm trying not to worry, or compare him to his big brother who wolfed down everything from day one!  So at the moment, he has milk at around 11am and then food just after that.  My questions are

Should I cut down on his milk at 11am in the hopes it makes him happier?

Should I introduce another meal even though he doesn't seem to be that interested?

Thanks ladies


  • Could you maybe do food at 11 then milk after? Or half milk if he's hungry at 11 then solids then the rest of his milk after?

    Have you tried finger foods?

  • I would keep going with what you're doing. He will get it eventually.

  • Hi Weekender - I was thinking of splitting the milk feed.  I'm just worried that if he doesn't have much food and then refuses the rest of his milk he won't last long!  Guess I just have to try it.  

    I have tried finger foods and while he'll happily grab them and put them in his mouth, he always seems disappointed with it and spits it out.  He's putting everything in his mouth at the moment (possibly teething related) so I think he's hoping it's going to be something harder (like my finger!) for him to have a good chomp on.  Perhaps I could try toast so he could suck on that - is he ok to have that??

  • Thanks LR.  I'm probably worrying over nothing and he is just taking his time to get it.

  • I think after six months they can have anything except honey and nuts? So toast should be fine x

  • L is 6 months and some days eats loads, other days he just plays with whatever he's been given. The only meal he always finishes is breakfast. I wouldn't worry, but maybe trying another meal wouldn't hurt, he might eat more at a different time of day? When his teeth are hurting breadsticks and sticks of cold melon go down well here, and toast is a favourite no matter what.

  • Thanks Weekender and thanks TE Croc.  I think it might be worth trying another meal, another time of day might make a difference, especially if it's not one directly following milk.  I think I will also be braver with finger foods - if he's going to put everything in his mouth, I might as well take advantage, even if most of it comes back out again!

  • I'd keep doing what you are too MrsB - milk before food i've read in the BLW book is key as the milk is hugely calorific and nutrient filled, but also, a baby doesn't know that the spoon feeding or finger foods satisfy their hunger yet, and so if you feed them this instead of milk, they are likely to get very frustrated, and not be able to enjoy and investigate the new tastes/flavours etc.

    The best times to feed them is when they are not hungry or tired (I fed E just before she was due a nap, the first time and she isn't interested). And if you are doing finger foods, or perhaps even puree, i'd recommend you eating the same, at the same time, as they lead by your example.. Also make sure you use a very OTT happy positive voice - even when i'm feeding E stuff I can't stand I smile and keep happy.

  • Thanks LM - that makes sense about them not understanding that food will satisfy their hunger yet.  I'm going to keep going with the milk before lunch I think and just hope he gradually takes more food.

    I tried him with a second meal today at tea time, and he seemed to get it a bit more which was great. Hopefully it won't be a one off and we are getting somewhere.

    Thanks again for your help ladies x

  • It was very switch like here.  One day she could take it or leave it,  the next she wanted 3 meals,  wouldn't skip one or have it replaced by a bottle and would scream for her food and if at home,  physically bang the highchair *blush*.

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