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Weaning again!

I know I'm like a broken record lol! Started weaning this week, with carrots, banana and apples so far all he has done had held in his mouth for a few seconds pulled faces and then dribbled it out his mouth.
Is this normal? How long does it take them to 'get' the hang of it?


  • With D she took it straight away but she was having well cooked veg sticks and probably swallowed by mistake. With J we have been doing blw for about 2weeks now. She now knows that food goes in her mouth. She looks for food now but anything new gets that sucking a lemon face and normally spits it out. But after a few more days of that food it starts appearing out the other end.

    It's long process but it they do get it x

  • Thanks for the reply daisy, I've been doing both BLW and spoon feeding but he hasn't got either way yet! So just keep going and he will hopefully get it?

  • Some are quicker than others but they all get there in the end and a week is very early days. N got it very quickly and there was evidence in her nappies from pretty much the first meal but the current NHS guidance suggests they should be on three meals a day by 8 to 9 months so no hurry, lots of time to get there.

  • Thanks margot, I like to see instant results lol! Will keep going as I am, I'm sure he will begin to look like he likes it at some point

  • Just keep at it. They all do get it eventually. With blw food is fun until they're one ;)

  • I said exactly thus to my friend. I was pretty sure E was ready to wean early but I held out till almost 24weeks! I was most disheartened when E squashed up a bit of banana and bread etc. Emailed my friend who said "what did you expect her to do,  scoff the lot? Did she walk the first time you stood her on her feet? ". Which in hindsight makes sense.  I carried on and very quickly she got the hang of it.  I'd just persist as long as it takes tbh. We still struggle to spoon feed E now but she'll very happily feed herself.

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