Weaning off bf

Over the next fortnight I'm weanjng S off the boob. So this week he's on 3 ff a day- 8.30 am, 4pm and 10pm with bf in between and lunch. He's still waking a lot in thw night, so last night bf at about 1am, 5am when he woke for the day and somewhere in between!

So if night feeds are important for supply how are my boobs going to not be mega full during the day?

Next week I plan on switching all day feeds to ff so night feeds are last to go as I'm too lazy to do bottles in the night! 

He's just started having breakfast so I expect next week will

be on 3 solid meals. 

Any advice?!


  • How is he 6 months?! Mine just slowly got used to the change in feeding schedule and after a couple of weeks never actually felt full again even though there was milk. Hope he takes to it fine soon and sleeps through!

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