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On me diva advice, I am weaning F who is five months. It's all been a bit stop start and I am starting to get worried that he maybe has more digestive issues than just a dairy allergy/intolerance.

I started him on carrot and he initially was fine but on the third day had terrible wind overnight and mucous in his nappy so I stopped and waited a week before trying some baby rice then adding in some pear both of which seemed fine. I then tried sweet potato yesterday and he had an explodapoo in the middle of the night which is very unusual as he is normally a bit constipated. Today he is grunting a fair bit which he used to do before his milk was sorted out.

Are the wind and changes in nappies normal or are these a sign that something isn't quite right? He isn't eating a lot , just a few spoonfuls a day so it isn't over feeding . I feel like I am out of my depth. Will definitely need to chase up his hospital appointment But any other experiences in the meantime would be appreciated!


  • Personally I'd stop offering the solids. If you suspect something wrong with tummy, early weaning surely can't be the way to go,  as you wait,  so that their gut is developed. That's blunt I know but I don't know how else to put it!

    I think though tbh this sounds all very normal when starting out (well it was here, but E has LI which was at that point undiagnosed).

  • Is there a reason why you have started weaning early ?  Personally I would abandon it and leave for a few more weeks as it sounds as though his body isn't coping particularly well.

  • What JB said.

    Is there a reason for weaning early? If not, then stop for a few more weeks x

  • My GP advised that I should start early to help with F's silent reflux. He can sit up unaided for quite a few minutes on his own, can put a spoon in his own mouth and has lost his tongue thrust so I thought he would be ok.

    I will call my HV tomorrow to see if she thinks I should stop altogether or just eliminate the trigger foods and see if she can push the referral.

    I was hoping maybe there was just an adjustment period when they started like there would be if adults suddenly changed their diet!

  • Zoe was under a consultant at the hospital for reflux, I asked if we should wean early as had heard this said a number of times but he said that was out-dated advice and should still stick to 6 mth guidelines unless there were other issues.

  • JB - a friend of mine recently paid to see a private consultant regarding her little girls silent reflux and the first  thing he said was to wean her as soon as she was four months. Seems even the professionals can't agree on what is best!

  • I'd stop the solids too, it's clearly causing tummy upset. Poor little thing suffering reflux and then this. I hope he gets better soon.

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