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Morning all. 22 weeks today for me and I've had enough. Already had a moan on FB. Im in so much muscle/SPD type pain. I literally did nothing yesterday other than mw appointment and get the flu vaccine. I was throwing up all day. I'm limping and finding it hard to transfer my weight from left to riGht leg. I have a travelling pain in LHS lower abs and my pelvis aches. Sitting on the loo is agony. 

Sorry for moaning but I'm just miserable. 

I wore a support belt all day yesterday which may have helped a bit, or it could have been the fact I sat on my backside mosOlof the day!

hope everyone else is having a better day!



  • Morning.

    doesnt sound v nice! Have you been to physio? Still a while to go yet!!

    Afm - all well here. Sleeping great, not sure i managed to sleep this well with the other two. Baby sitting on bladder when i walk though and feel like i need to pee as soon as i walk. Nursery for A today then we have no plans. Prob just go a walk this afternoon, or puddle splash if it starts raining. Just off to get the hoovering done. You've reminded me i'll need to phone about my flu jag. Phones about Phoebes but forgot mine!

    Ck 23+5

  • That's what is worrying me, only half way and in this much pain. Plus I can't stop work until literally baby is born. I had to cancel 2 clients yesterday as mw was running so late which I really can't afford to do.

    I've got Physio next Wednesday but I know they will say rest, wear support belt, keep knees together etc - cant do that in work. I'm up and down from the floor, lifting elderly folk on Mondays, lifting weights at the gym etc. lifting Logan in and out the car. I had to let him sit in Abi's seat yesterday as a just couldn't lift him into his own.

    The flu jab was no bother, really didn't feel it.

    On the up side Logan slept 7-7 and didn't even wake for a drink! I didn't wake to pee! Woohoo!

  • Id leave the staff to lift the elderly people and get someone else at gym to lift the weights. If it was another workplace you wouldnt be allowed to if you were feeling like that. Baby and mum first.

  • Morning,

    LR, sorry you are feeling rubbish, another one here who would recommend physio.

    CK, enjoy your day today, hope the rain doesn't spoil it. I've got my flu jab on Saturday , not only am I not looking forward to it , but it ruins my only chance of a lie in!

    Afm, slept better last night, baby moving lots, work today do business as usual! X

  • Ooh on a sat, thats unusual! 3rd tri soon for you :-D eek. Hope you have a good day x

  • The staff in the home are to busy. I just kept a lot of the really frail ones in their wheelchairs on Monday so think I need to do that from now on.

    I'm the only staff member in when its my gym shift, I've asked members to replace equipment, but you know what it's like.

    S brushed the mats last night for me so that was a big help this morning. Means he's working another hour though which doesn't sound much but he already does 15 hrs a day.

  • That's what I thought CK, but our docs are running surgeries on Saturdays in October. Good idea I guess as it frees up the normal appointments which are normally like gold dust at this time of year. I know, I'm scared of 3 rd tri! X

  • Mrs P honestly the flu vaccine is easy, I really didn't feel it. And my arm feels slightly bruised today but that's it. You will be fine!

    Ck my surgery is only doing two drop in Saturdays for the vaccine, I tried to make an appointment for L and they wouldn't.

    S is going to get it at Asda again this year.

  • Morning all

    seems like a bunch of us are feelnig the strain of pregnacy today! i know i am........ 20 weeks this week and still sick everyday!not sure when this pregnancy glow is meant to happen!!!

    headaches seem to be getting worse as the weeks go on, cant wait to go see the neuro on friday


  • Sorry you are suffering nlh. I take it you e tried the usual drinking plenty water, eating regularly? Could you be dehydrating due to the sickness?

  • Ours dont have it in yet for the littlies so to phone back end oct they said. Not sure if it'll be same for normal one.

    Nlh - poor you :-( hope you get a break soon xx

  • L has still to get his preschool boosters (hoping S will take him!) so the nurse said she would do the flu vaccine at the same time. Not sure he will like me much that day! Jab in the arm then a spray up the nose! Poor wee guy!

  • Morning Ladies,

    I've decided to join the tri threads today in the hope that the daily support will take my mind of the constant worry!

    Hello to you all!

    Sorry to hear about the pain Lavender Rose, I hope things improve for you. I agree with CK that lifting should be kept to a minimum. Have you done a Risk Assessment at work?

    CK- Hope you get the appt made. If you have any extra sleeping hours, can you send them my way please!

    MrsP - The jab is not too bad at all :)

    AFM - I'm starting to relax a little into the pregnancy but everyday is a struggle. I have my 16wk appointment in just over a week. The sickness finally starting to wear off but the tiredness isn't!

    I'll pop back later to see who else is around.

    Have a good day all.



  • Missed NLH. It's horrible when the sickness goes on for longer than you think it will. I'm eating ice lollies to stop myself from throwing up. Hope there is something that works for you.


  • RR welcome and sorry it's a moany thread you're joining today!

    Hope you have more energy soon x

  • Oh LR, I didn't realise the pain was quite so bad :( I'm going to recommend an osteopath again, for me they're miracle workers!

    Ck, glad all is well.

    MrsP, boo to no lie in, bad planning! The jab won't hurt, I've had them before and got mine on Friday.

    Nlh, I'm sorry you're still being sick :( are there no other drugs they can try? Are you drinking enough? Might that help headaches.

    Hi RR, good to see you here :) the tiredness is awful, I'm struggling too.

    Afm, I'm sorry I've not been around much I've just been so tired. Dropped the boy at school so now I'm procrastinating over housework! Got loads of lovely movements last night which was ace, I'd been wondering when I was going get movements! Flu jab on Friday and 20w scan on Tuesday.

    Hannah 19+1 x

  • Hello ladies, I'll join you all in having a moan! Yesterday was the most sick I have been in a day through the whole pregnancy so far. Yuck. I feel sore and weak today. 20 weeks though so I'm still smiling :D

    Hope you are all having a good day x

  • Hi all,

    I'm just taking tentative steps into this thread! I'm 14 weeks today so I guess I belong here now rather than 1st tri. I feel like I'm at a bit of an inbetween stage at the moment, I don't really look pregnant, just a bit podgy and apart from feeling tired I don't really feel much different. I'm sure that'll all change within the next month or so and I'll be feeling huge and complaining about a sore back/hips/stomach!

    Hope everyone is having ok days. I've actually taken my first sick day today as am starting to feel really run down so I thought I'd try to nip it in the bud sooner rather  than keep going and exhaust myself. So I'm not planning on moving from the sofa today!

    Going to go and catch up with the rest of the thread now.

  • I have an appointment on Friday with my Consultant and my Neurologist, because I had a blood clot on my brian they are concerned about my headaches, i am on aspirin and drinking loads of water but they are only getting worse as the weeks go on

    will see what the docs have to say and go from there

  • Ah girls I'm sorry to hear so many of you are in pain/feeling tired/being sick! It's rotten :( spreading lots of positive and feel good vibes to those that need them!

    Welcome to the thread RR. I can't imagine what a stressful time it must be for you and I hope we can be of some support .

    Welcome also to flossy! I felt funny making the transition from 1st tri but you'll be in the swing of it in no time! I'm now 18 weeks and still look podgy rather than pregnant and still don't feel any different! I'm genuinely seeing it as a blessing though given how hard it can get the more pregnant you become. (As per our lovely ladies today!) I hope you continue to have an easy time of it.

    I'm just popping into new look on my lunch break to pick up some mat jeans I ordered. I've put on half a stone and my jeans are tight around the middle! I don't think it'll be long before my tummy pops and I really wanna be comfy!!

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