Wedding outfit that is breastfeeding friendly

My sister is getting married in June. WhoopWhoop! They only got engaged at New Year so it's all a bit quick!
I'm a 'lift my top up, put baby under' type breastfeeder (as opposed to pull top down & get boob out).
I'm not a fashion follower in the slightest. I hate clothes shopping. I live in jeans ....

... I don't know where to even start looking - help!


  • I'm in the same position. My cousin is getting married in six weeks and I have no idea what to wear. I've just ordered a trousers and shirt combo from Next which I hope is suitable!

    Dresses just seem out of the question unless breast feeding dresses actually exist...???

  • I feel like I should wear a dress and I wanna look nice but can't lift entire thing to feed (!?!?)
  • Subscribing to thread! We've got weddings when Baxter is likely to be 9 weeks, then again 13 weeks. Want to wear a fancy summer dress but doesn't look too practical...

  • How about this one, I know it's pricey but looks lovely!

  • I'm in a similar predicament. I saw a really nice skirt in a charity shop last week so I bought that (only £3.20!) and I think I'm going to buy a proper bfing top to go with it plus jacket and new shoes. I usually pull my top down but only works with something stretchy.

  • Following. Also have a wedding in June..I am a pull one up, pull one down feeder lol

  • Babes with babies has some bf dresses that might be suitable. I'm in an even worse position, I'm a bridesmaid, no dress yet but the bride would like me in the same dress as the others, and baby will be 6-8 weeks, so I need something I can bf in (with my K cup boobies) and that tummy wise doesn't look like I had a baby a few weeks ago. I'm not hugely positive about what we'll find! We're shopping at Easter when I'll be 35 weeks so will be buying without trying on. Wish me luck!

  • Ooh SG, proper challenge you've got there, bless ya!

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