Wednesday 1st tri

Morning all.

couldnt eat dinner last night :-( but on the plus iv had no sickness today! Maybe that's the way forward haha!

how are you all?


  • ok on amazon today they have the maxi cosi car seat RRP 135 for a bargain 66.66 and the isofix base RRP 125.00 for a bargain of 80.98

    would i be nuts to buy this now ?

  • Morning glad your not sick this morning!

    The car seat I would personally hold off.. Does it for your car? I know when I went to babiesrus they test it out in your car too see if it fits  etc.. I am looking at travel systems with prams and so get the whole bundle car seat pram etc... Will you be buying it separately?

    You might not need the base not all cars do? So could save yourself some money? But totally up to you and no you wouldn't be and to get it now ;)

    fan not much to report still got my sore throat :( hubby's home today so going too  get plenty of sympathy I hope hehe!  Not much pregnancy wise 5 more sleeps!  Can't wait!

  • yeh my cars a new ford fiesta, so it fits and i would only have an isofix base now, my car comes with isofix.

    the prams iv been looking at all come with a child seat and bassinet but not car seat ?

  • Oh okay well if you want it go for it :)  oh I am looking at some that come with the car seat  travel systems :)

  • Monnie, if it were me I would hold off, but mostly because I don't really know what we will end up getting in terms of travel system/pram/etc, and there are bound to be more sales in the coming 7 months.  I'm tentatively planning to go all out in the after Christmas sales!

    I'm still sniffly today and sneezing a lot.  It doesn't feel like the last cold I have, and I'm thinking it's due to the down pillows we have in this flat.  I brought my own hypoallergenic one, but Ant has down pillows here, and I think just being in the same room as them is doing my head in.  Might bring a couple of our pillows back from London when I'm there this Fri/Sat.  No point buying pillows for this place, as we're only here for another 7.5 weeks.  I might get a few strange looks travelling on the eurostar with a load of pillows, though, haha.

  • Morning all.

    Monnie, glad you're feeling ok today. That's a really good price for the car seat and base, if you know which pram you want and the maxicosi will fit (most will as they're about the most popular car seat brand) then I'd be very tempted. I don't need the base in my car, but personally I'd not be without it for ease of ins and outs.

    CC - sorry your throat is still sore. Hope it improves soon. Yay for 5 sleeps!

    AFM, nothing exciting to report. Still feeling sick quite a lot of the time, but haven't been sick since Sun, so that's good.

  • Wispa, missed you there. Sorry you're still suffering too. I think it's possibly too early for pregnancy sniffles, but I felt like I had a cold/runny nose for quite a lot of my last pregnancy, and that's quite common.

  • ha i bought it !

  • Haha cool, Can you post the link I want to have a look lol!

  • I was being nosey and luckily I was, Monnie thats the car seat we wanted. Just ordered it, so thanks for posting about it :)

  • Hi Ladies,

    Cc sorry your throat is still sore, its rubbish feeling poorly on top of all the other symptoms!

    Wispa, hope your sniffles clear up soon!

    SG glad you've not been sick for a few days

    Thanks for posting the link Monnie, I'm having a little nose now. When we went shopping at the weekend we so nearly bought a pram that was on offer - the only reason we didnt was because it was purple and I'm not sure if it would be mean putting a little boy (if we had one) in a purple pram!

    Was sick at work this morning. Made an absolute scene running through the office and chose not the cleanest of toilets to throw up in :( tried to soldier on but gave up and am now at home feeling sorry for myself in bed. Amazon is starting to make me feel better though.

    Has anyone bought or thinking about buying a doppler? Some of them say you can hear the heartbeat at 10 weeks which would be amazing!

  • Ah looks cool monnie how exciting hehe!

    Wispa - Only jealousy looks I'd love to carry pillows everywhere I go to sleep atm lol!

    SG - Glad your feeling better

    SS - Sorry you are feeling rubbish! - I looked at a doppler but H said we shouldn't get one because for any reason I couldn't find the heartbeat, Then we would panic ( That's just us) I think they are amazing though and if I didn't think it would do me more harm than good I would of got one :)

  • im torn with the doppler, i think it would be lovely, but i think id panic if i couldnt hear it ?

  • I'm with Monnie and CC on doppler, I'd be afraid of not hearing something and panicking when I don't need to.

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