Wednesday night time thread

Evening, I was a little sad at 5am this morning when I couldn't find a thread. i hope it was because everyone was getting some sleep?!
E has slept most of this evening so I'm not too hopeful for tonight! I've just been to bed for a couple of hours in preparation!
We ventured out today to go to the baby clinic to get weighed but it was cancelled! There is another local one tomorrow 9:30-11. We aren't normally all sorted by that time but we are going to try our best to make it!!


  • Hey Mrs B! How annoying that you got there and it wasn't on! Hope you make it for the one in the morning :)

    I'm in bed, and have been for a while, but I can't sleep. 38 weeks today so I suspect that has a lot to do with it. Got my weight woman coming at 9 then midwife at 1, then I think I'll be taking an afternoon nap!

  • Oh OB, not long to go now, how exciting!!

    Luckily i had some errands to run so it wasn't a total waste of time, plus i had coffee and cake! Apparently the health visitors were on an away day, don't know why they chose a baby clinic day!
  • Hi mrs Bass and ob, hope you're both managing some sleep!

    I'm also going to a clinic tomorrow to get him weighed and also aren't normally ready by 11 so hope we both make it

    E seems to be having shorter sleeps during the night so it's hard to predict when he might wake now.

    Hi to anyone who follows x

  • Ahh that's good, glad it wasn't a total waste!

    Mrs P hope it goes well for you today too :)

  • Morning ladies.

    OB not long now lovey, the insomnia is brutal though, especially when it's an opportunity to actually bank some sleep!

    Mrs Bass how annoying! That wasn't well planned at all! Hope your all organised in time to go today.

    Mrs P we got O weighed at home for the first few weeks so didn't have to go to the clinics. Not sure if that's because he was early or not, it all seems so different depending where you are!

    As for us, O has now been prescribed formula for cows milk protein intolerance which we started on a monday. There's a 100% improvement in the wee guys tummy/nappies as he obviously had such bad guts and what he was passing was disgusting. I'm glad we're on the road to improvement but I'm so annoyed as I've been harping on and asking about this for nearly 4 weeks so it's very frustrating to think I could have had 4 better weeks had we tried this sooner but the important thing is it seems to be helping.

    O had his 8 week jags yesterday and was so upset in the afternoon, he just wanted a cuddle and cried on and off for ages. They did give us a 2.5ml measure of calpol to give him if he wasn't good, I wasn't planning on giving it but 3 hours after the jag he was still noticeably upset do we did. He was then very sleepy yesterday and I had to wake him for his afternoon feed. He then fed at 8:30 (half hour later than normal) and he was fairly unsettled when we went to bed at 10pm but he didn't wake until 2:30 for a feed! Were just back in bed now for hopefully a few hours before were up. I'm not kidding myself I know this is down to the jags and calpol but was so nice to have 4 and a half hours in bed and not have to get up!x

  • MDD, really glad things are on the up now with his tummy. It's a shame it's taken some time but like you say just focus on the positives now. From what I see on Facebook from other mums and babies with various feeding problems I'd say you've got into it amazingly quick and done really well to get the changes made in that time.

    Glad he's ok after his jabs, hope you can get some more sleep!

  • MDD - so glad you seem to be getting O sorted and lovely to get done sleep!!

    As for us - S took ages to settle after his feed at 11pm, he seemed wide awake and would not go to sleep. It took about 2 hours and he ended up sleeping in our bed. He's just woken up for another feed. You would honestly think I had starved him, as soon as he wakes up he screams and screams until he's latched on, there is no quietening him down at all whilst I change his nappy, it's so frustrating as I don't want hi
  • Fingers crossed he goes straight back down after this feed. We have a lovely day planned with friends in the morning and I need more sleep!!
  • Good luck Mrs P! Our record is 10 when the HV came so fingers crossed we can do it!

    MDD- that must be frustrating but I'm so glad O is showing improvement! I've already got the Calpol ready for E's jabs!

    Banzy-fingers crossed for some more sleep for you!

    E finally woke at 1am (so glad i went to bed earlier!) then slept 3 hours after her feed. I knew the 6hrs sleeps we had the last couple of nights was too good to last! Should get a couple more hours after this feed.
  • Maybe we should just have 'The Night Time Thread' rather that a daily one so it's easier? Xx

  • Hope it went ok mrs bass and you made it.

    We made it but it wasn't what we expected, was a stay and play type session, h felt a bit out of place :-)

    He was weighed and from 7lb 1 down to 6lb 8 he's now 8lb 1 at just under 3 weeks, I think that's ok ?


  • Yes we did, she went back down 6-8 then i got H to take her while i got showered and dressed, she went back to sleep! Had to take her bottle with us! Our is the same, lots if the mum's knew each other and one of my friends was there which was nice! There were a couple of dad's there. Ours is a drop in so u don't have to stay and play but we did get a cuppa!

    that sounds like a good gain! E was 8 lbs 14 2 weeks ago and was 9 lbs13 today! Chunky monkey!!
  • Way hay, go baby bass! X

  • That's fab weights! O was weighed yesterday and is 10lb 9oz. He was 5lb 4oz the day we brought him home so he's doubled his weight in 8 weeks. He's getting into some of his 0-3 month clothes now!

    Mrs Bass, definitely keep the calpol at the ready, O slept again until 7 this morning x

  • MDD, that is brilliant news about O, so pleased his feeding is getting sorted and he is also sleeping better too! X

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