Weds 1st Tri

morning ladies !

gutted as i thought this morning was thursday haha! cant believe its only wednesday ! Tongue Tied

i read through some of the stuff the midwife left me, not sure what to make of it all at the moment. enjoying my free samples, and will go and collect my bounty pack from asda this weekend!

hello to all who follow !



  • Morning Mon Big Smile and everyone else!

    I am just dipping my toe into the first tri water, i'm blooming terrified to be back here and I am going to try and keep myself grounded so I might not be around every day.  I am only 13dpo today so I am still holding my breath and hoping it's all going in the right direction. I am testing daily, and will continue to until the cad goes to 3+ (I'm using IC in-between  times, I am not a millionaire who can afford to use a cdb every day! Laugh )

    Anyway, fx for 3rd time lucky.

    Mon- good to see you on here.  It's once to "see" some familiar faces.  There really is a lot of gubbins to read, isn't there?  Too much IMO.

  • im so pleased to see you here, when i saw you had replied my face lit up like a kid at xmas ! xx

  • Ahhh mon, that's lovely! Thanks for the warm welcome.

  • Morning ladies!

    Monnie - I have been a day in front all week grrr.  I picked up my Bounty back and a Johnson's one at the weekend and one of them had a little hooded bath towel from Persil inside, very cute indeed!

    Imp - What have I missed here?!?!  I am soooo excited to see you here!! Eeeek!

    AFM - I feel lousy today.  Really nauseous adn a bit shivery, hope I'm not coming down with something!

  • VT thats common in pregnancy becasue your immune system is weakend, try and get some vit C and lots of rest. if you feel really bad you can have 2 paracetamol. hope you feel better soon. where did you get the johnsons pack from ?

  • Ah thanks Monnie, I'm eating oranges like there's no tomorrow cos they are taking the edge of the sicky feeling but I think I might have a Berocca later.  The Johnson's pack voucher was in the Emma's Diary magazine that came in the pack the midwife gave me.  Have you had your booking in appointment yet?  That's when she gave me the pack

  • oh i didnt get an emmas diary one i got a bounty magazine lol- where in the uk are you ? i think the packs must be different for each region ?

  • Morning ladies,

    Monnie, I thought it was Friday today! Even worse lol.

    Imp my lovely, so nice to see you here. I haven't been posting every day either as it's still early days for me too. Definitely 3rd time lucky xx

    VT, hope you feel better soon x

    AFM, 18dpo or 4+4 today.  Took a FR last night and the second line came up really strong before the control line had even shown! :) Still getting aches and pains. Today's seems to be in my right hip, which is the side the baby is on. Going to the docs next week to give a sample and to get everything confirmed there. Exciting!

    Hi to all who follow x

  • that was also something different about my drs, noone took a pregnancy test from me until i had my bleeding, i saw the dr, the midwife and a consultant before that happened and noone tested me, they all just took my word for it ! haha

  • Maybe they get a lot of liars at my practice, claiming to be knocked up when they're not haha

  • i would of that if that happens anywhere it would be where i live figaro ! haha i live in jeremy kyle central!

  • Ha, you haven't seen where I live lol

  • I'm up North.  It had the bounty magazine and then the little Emma's diary mag as well.  Have a look at Emma's diary online to see if you can get the voucher.  Unless it wasn't in theat magazine at all but in another, anyhow it was definitely in the original bounty back (somewhere)!

  • brilliant thank you !

  • Hi everyone. I'm also dipping my toes in here but I'm on my phone so can't manage personals. Apologies in advanced because I'm going to be a drama queen needing a lot of hand holding.

    I'm 4+3 today and trying my very best not to worry. Sometimes I'm managing, other times not so well.  I haven't even phoned the doctor yet. Probably do that at the beginning of next week all going well.

    I'm toying with whether I should or shouldn't do another CBD because this is where all my worry stemmed from last time. My last one was on Saturday and it said 2-3 so it would be the weekend at the earliest I would consider doing another.

    All I'm doing is literally counting down the days until my early scan. I'd love for some cramps or sickness or just something to tell me everything is ok. All I have is slight nausea at times and sore boobs.  That's it. The v mild cramps I had at the weekend are now gone. I literally feel nothing in my uterous!!

    Hope everyone is ok xx

  • Hi CA, lovely to see you xx

    I was reading today that if you have a high intake of calcium and magnesium then you are less likely to feel much in the way of cramping during early pregnancy. Clearly I have a really rubbish calcium intake lol.

    If CBDs make you worry then leave them alone. No good ever comes of doing something that will you cause you worry. Leave them alone and use ics if you want to pee on something - you'll be able to see your line get darker.

    I have no nausea, so you have a symptom that I don't, and I remember you telling me on MTTC that sore boobs is a good sign for you so that's good too.

    I won't say don't worry, because we're all worrying, but please try not to stress too much about symptoms, everyone is different. Hope you're okay xxx

  • Thanks Fig. If the CBD went up it would make me feel an awful lot better. I guess I can't change anything anyway. I keep telling people not to worry about things they can't change. Wonder why I can't take my own advice ?! Lol

    Hope you're ok xxx

  • I didnt feel at all pregnant until 6 weeks. I literally felt on top of the world and everyone kept saying "that'll change". I wished for nausea or something to let me know i was deffinately pregnant. I think i took about 4 IC's and 1 CBD in those two weeks before morning sickness and everything kicked in. Its natural to be anxious but like we all know it does us no use. Last week i took another test and it was faint and I was devestated thinking that was it but i had a scan 5 days later and everythings perfect. I think the whole 9 months are just filled with worry for us.

    I dont know your history, if you have any kids, but i imagine after one successful pregnancy, the second pregnancy would be a lot less stressful. I dont know that for certain though, i just imagine you'll be more aware of all the changes - i think thats the main cause of worry, when the symptoms mellow out I panic when in reality they come back two days later. I think everyone in 1st tri is counting down to the 12 week mark to relax a little (i know i am). Even if you dont post much here (and I dont really) I get so much reassurance just reading what other ladies are experiencing on a day to day basis and knowing they're all having perfectly fine pregnancys.

  • Hello!

    VT- I didn't do an announcement, i didn't really want to draw attention to myself after everything that's gone wrong this year.  I got a BFP on Sunday at 10dpo, so it's early days still.

    Fig- Nice to see you too.  We don't have to provide a sample here, they just take our word for it.  I guess why would you lie about it?

    CA- I know it's hard not to worry, you're bound too.  We're here for all the handholding that you need- I am sure I will probably need some of my own at some point!  As Fig said, maybe just use the IC's?  I used one of those this morning and it has settled me for the day, I am going to try and get down to every other day after this week- honest!

  • Ah CA , my CBD only said 1-2 when I tested and I was the same as you with the lack of symptoms and still really am to be honest and I'm now 9+3.  I get the tiniest waves of nausea and sore boobs and that's it.  If I didn't know I was pregnant I wouldn't think I was

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