Weds 2nd tri


how are we all? Iv had a lie In Today 5.10!

i had Chinese for dinner last night and don't think moosh liked it very much, perhaps too much MSG for her.

i have diabetes consultant today, not sure how it will go as my readings have been high this week :-(  I'll try to come back with an update later!

hope you are all well xx


  • Morning early bird! Hope the appointment goes well today. Trouble sleeping again last night? AFM penultimate day in 2nd tri! Had Chinese with 2 friends last night, they've both got young kids and we talked a lot about birth and hypnobirthing etc. really nice evening except I wasn't gone until 11 so very tired. Work again today, my hips weren't too bad yesterday but very sore by the evening. Working to 36 weeks is looking less and less likely. Congrats again to wispa and leelee on fab scans!!
  • Morning all :)

    Monnie - I hope everything goes well today at the consultant meeting and look forward to your report later

    AR - Good to hear your hips eased a little for some of yesterday :) Thanks for the scan mention

    AFM - Had a crap night sleep as woke up with heartburn then went to the loo and had some blood/brown stuff again. Why is it when you get over one hurdle and start to think things can go ok that something happens again that puts you right back at square one :( I've still got some stuff when I wipe and this morning there was a thick stringy stuff (like what would have been a clot or something similar) so I'm worried, but I won't call the mw unless it gets worse and crampy. I'm keeping a positive head at the moment, which is is so unlike me ;-) 

    Here is a pic of yesterday's scan, you see why I said yesterday that it wasn't clear but you can see the little fellas legs over his head haha, long legs haha and we are shorties!

    Hi to everyone :) xx

  • Lovely scan leelee! Love it when you see their legs up like that. If I were you is give the mw a call anyway, any blood/similar really should be reported. I've had it drilled into me both pregnancies to always call. They might well just chat to you but it's better to get there advice, please give then a ring. It'll put your mind at rest too and you're never wasting their time.
  • Morning ladies!

    Another early start Mon? I don't think I could eat Chinese at the moment, even the thought would give me heartburn. Do you feel ok today?

    AR- sounds like you had a nice evening? Do your hips generally feel worse at night and then better in the mornings?

    Leelee lovely scan picture. As AR said, no harm in calling the mws to tell them, if they agree it's morning then it wil take it out of your mind totally.

    AFM- got some sad news yesterday, my friend who told md she was pregnant 10 days ago found our yesterday it's ectopic. She's been in for the operation yesterday, I feel very sad for her as I know it can be a slow recovery from an ectopic.

    I slept better again last night, in fact that's 2 nights now where I've slept through. A record!  I'm listening to happy feets heartbeat every day at the moment to reassure me that they're still there, the Doppler is great for keeping me calm.

  • Ar- do you get annual leave? Can you finish early and take some AL?

    Leelee- lovely scan Hun!

    Imp- yeh yeh rub it in about your good nights sleep haha! Sorry about your friend xxx

  • imp- yes its worse in the evenings because i've been walking/moving around all day. I love the happy feet description, always makes me smile! I'm sorry about your friend.

    monnie - nope i'm a teacher so i can't take holiday in term time. My MW has said from the beginning they will happily sign me off if need be which means i can go early but not start mat leave early. My cover will be in school from February so i can think about it in a few weeks if need be. I don't want to go before that unless i'm desperate as i don't want to abandon my exam classes.

  • AR- that's good did the my say how that worked? Because I'm scared of being signed off, as the law states if you get signed off or have a few consecutive sick days 6 weeks before your edd, they can make you start your maternity leave then. I'm worried if the diabetes kicks in I may end up like this :-(

  • I read on the SMP page that they can  do it 4 weeks before your EDD, is that what you read MON?

  • I looked into this properly last time. That only applies after 36 weeks. Before 36 weeks even if you are off with something maternity related you can't be forced to start your maternity leave. So technically you could be signed off for weeks 30-36 with something pregnancy related and then start maternity then, everyone is entitled to 6 weeks sick leave on sick pay (generally your usual pay) a year. If you're signed off post 36 weeks then they *can* make you start maternity leave then, but as i was planning to leave at 36 weeks anyway that's fine!

  • Yep, that's right imp. So only applies post 36 weeks.

  • Good that they can't do it earlier.

  • Morning,

    Monnie- I was like you in first tri, waking up early all the time,. Hopefully it will stop for you soon so you get a lay in! Hope the app goes well.

    AR- Hope your hips aren't too sore today. I have only had 1 day that I was in my pain with mine, I feel for you as you seem to have it quite a bit!

    Leelee-That's a great pic! I would give the midwife a call just to put your mind at rest and so they have a record of the bleeding.

    Imp- Yay to 2 great nights sleep! Can you tell me your secret lol. Oh thats so sad about your friend, hope she is ok.

    AFM- Had a better night sleep last night, only one toilet trip I think and no cat meowing to come in the bedroom! Off for a meal with some friends tonight for my bday tomorrow. Should be nice as we don't all get together enough and one of them is also pregnant :)

    Has anyone had their 28 week bloods yet? Is it just to check iron etc?

  • You're all early birds as far as I'm concerned!

    Monnie, I hope he extra 20 minutes was nice.  Maybe it'll be a trend of getting 20 minutes more every night or every few nights and you'll eventually wind up with a normal waking time again?

    AR, I love hat you don't want to abandon your students, but when you say your cover is in school in a coupe weeks does that mean they are coming in 6 weeks early already, or what it for another reason and they just happen to be coming to the school?  Anyway, if you leave at 30 weeks and your students have a good replacement, don't feel bad about it.  In fact, don't feel bad about it either way.  They'll get through.  The point is that you can't live with near constant pain!

    LL, awesome scan.  Ours didn't do anything like that!  She did get baby to stretch it's legs out straight, though, which looked funny.  Maybe your baby will be an Olympic runner :)

    Imp, so sad about your friend.  Ectopic is just so gutting.  Glad you're getting good sleep, though, and hearing happy feet :)

    As for me, I'm still on a high from yesterday.  I used my £30 gift card for cath kidston I got for Christmas and ordered something for me and something for baby!  I've also updated our pending shopping basket for our ikea order (that we will place as soon as we have a completion date for the house) to include a lack shelf and doors and drawers for our 4x4 expedit bookshelf that will go into the nursery in gender-specific colour.  I swore I wouldn't do anything pink or blue, but it's just 4 drawers (the rest are white) and a shelf, it's not too too much.  I just want to moooooove! Then I can start doing the nursery and nesting and it's driving me nuts still not knowing when it'll be.

  • Missed you, Bertie!  Have a great birthday dinner!

    Oh look, baby is a banana now! Exciting :)

  • Morning ladies!

    Monnie - I bet you're shattered at the end of the day!  I have gone right of Chinese food much to H's annoyance.  Good luck at your appointment

    AR - tell them you've got D&V at 34 weeks and have a coiple of weeks sick :)  seriously though, don't struggle with pain, if you have to leave you have to leave x

    Imp - Glad your doppler is giving you reasurrance, peace of mind is priceless.  I'm very sorry for your friend :(

    Bertie - Yay for a better night's sleep, it's amazing the good it does!  Enjoy your meal, sounds like a lovely evening

    LeeLee - Loving the scan pic!  Agree with the others just to give your MW a tinkle to keep her informed

    Wispa - Eeek banana!!  Hope completion date isn't too far away for you!

    AFM - nothing pregnancy related to report.  Getting excited/anxious about Monday's scan.  Also, my cousin who is the same age as me and who is also a very close friend told me she is pregnant too and due September so I will have a mat leave buddy!  I'm so excited!

    Hi to all who follow and sorry to anyone I've missed via cross posting!

  • Imp - so sorry to hear about your friend, how upsetting for all involved. Good to hear the hb and a peace of mind that must bring to you :)

    Bertie - Happy birthday for tomorrow and hope you have a lovely meal

    Wispa - legs stretching haha that made me giggle and helloooo banana :)

    VT - how many weeks are you now?

    AFM - the spotting seems to have stopped (thank God) and I've been feeling some really odd sensations on my left side, perhaps he's having a bit of a wiggle and it feels like he's doing somersaults making me feel a bit queasy haha :)


  • Leelee, I'm 19+4 so a day behind you :)

    I get most of my feelings on the left side too!  They aren't very strong at the minute so I am getting used to it a bit but I must admit when I first felt it it freaked me out a little bit!

  • Vontrapp- How cool, i have a pregnancy buddy too :) What time is your scan Monday?

    Leelee- Glad it has stopped. Theres always someting to make us worry! Have you been feeling kicks etc yet or is this the first?

  • VT - sorry I didn't realise we were close in days! You'll love the scan, its more detailed as you know and takes longer to get measurements :)

    Bertie - I've felt odd flutterings and popping feelings for a couple of weeks but today was the first I felt something more substantial, it felt like I had a washing machine in there :) I haven't felt a definate one off kick yet, just hope when that starts it doesn't get stuck in the ribs, ouch!

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