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Morning, no thread yet? I hope you don't mind me starting it?

I hope you are all ok as can be today.

I saw the midwife yesterday for my booking in appt, she is lovely but a bit worried as she is retiring Feb/March next year and I'm due (all going to plan), in June. I said to her that she can't go she has to stay around and she said she will be staying for a few, but didn't say if I would be one of them :(

She has prescribed I take a daily dose of aspirin, anyone else taking it? I'm also going to be consultant lead which has worried me a bit to be honest eek! She didn't go into details about this, I only read it on my notes after she had gone, what does it mean? I'm 40 and will be 41 when due and overweight. She didn't take a urine sample only blood tests and my blood pressure. Anyone had to give a urine sample? I won't be seeing her again until I'm 16wks unless I need her in the meantime.

Sorry for all the questions, I guess I just need reassurance.

Hello to all who follow xx


  • Hi.  I'm not sure what consultant led really means, to be honest.  I haven't had my booking in appt yet, though.  Next Friday.  Also not sure about the aspirin, either, sorry.  Didn't she explain to you why she was prescribing it?  If you're really confused you can always call them for an explanation.

    Nothing really going on here.  No more sore boobs, not feeling very nauseated.  Still tired, though.

    Hi to all who follow.

  • Morning LL. I'm sorry but I can't really answer any of your questions plus, from what I can work out, things seem to be done differently depending what area you live in. I really hope that you are one of the ladies that your midwife is staying for.

    AFM - I'm 4+6 today and I braved doing another CBD this morning. I did my first one last Saturday night at 12dpo and it said 2-3. This mornings said 3+. I'm over the moon because last time it took about 2 and a half weeks before it moved from 2-3 to 3+ and was the cause of a lot of stress for me. Obviously it was a sign that something wasn't right at that time and I know that it doesn't mean that everything will be ok this time but it does relax me a bit to have seen it so soon.  I think I'm probably stepping back from testing now. I'll do an odd ic if I feel the need but I don't plan to test every day and I'm going to try and enjoy things until told otherwise because I never got to enjoy a single day of my last pregnancy because of one thing or the other.

    Hope everyone has nice plans for today. Happy Saturday xxx

  • Hi Wispa, missed you there. Enjoy the break from nausea and sore boobs. They'll probably be back again soon xxx

  • LeeLee, if your BMI is over a certain figure you will automatically be cons led. It's nothing to worry about, just a few extra appointments. You will probably also have to have a glucose tolerance test and a couple of growth scans. You'll see both the cons and the midwife through the pregnancy. You'll get an appointment through from the cons after your 12 week scan probably. You'll have to take a sample to every appointment in the antenatal clinic (with the cons). I'm overweight and cons led for that and a couple of other things so if you have any questions I'm happy to help if I can x

    Hello everyone else! Hope you are keeping well :)

  • Morning all! :)

    Leelee- I think the aspirin is something to do with blood clotting? Do you have any family history? Also, lots of ladies are consultant led. I guess it just means you'll be getting extra care, which can't be a bad thing. Try not to worry.

    Wispa- glad the sickness has eased.

    Ca- amazing news about the CBD. I was wondering but didn't want to ask in case you weren't testing yet. I'm delighted for you. Now, enjoy it!!!!

    AFM- I am still testing daily. I'm a poas addict!!! Haha!

    Still not heard bank from the cons sec, despite her saying she'd get back to me on Thursday and then me calling in Friday to chase!

    I'm out having brunch at the moment, it's lovely to have a relaxing weekend. We've got no plans and I intend to catch up on some r&r! Oh, and continuer with my crocheting.

  • Thank you ladies for your replies, I am overweight although have no idea what I currently weigh as I don't have scales here and the midwife didn't bring any with her. She just asked me to weigh to myself at Boots and to input the weight on the green notes. I told her outright that I was big and my bmi would be high. 

    Wispa - glad the sickness has eased off and the sore boobage, wish I could say the same haha, enjoy it while it lasts it could come back ;-)

    CA - thank you I hope she can keep me on too. Brill news about the testing that's all going in a positive way, you'll give up the tests when you are ready too.

    OB - thank you for dropping by and helping, it does makes sense as I am a big girl and 40,  I don't mind the extra 'care' just hope they don't think things can go wrong. Although I feel quite young as she said she has a lot of women on her books that are over 40 and having their first. One lady is 52 and on her third she was 46 with her first. I'm just surprised a urine sample wasn't taken, unless I have to sort that later.

    Imp - no family history with blood clots, I think its just my weight and age and to be on the safe side, I hope. Hope you had a lovely brunch and when you have finished your crochet you'll have to post some piccies.  I think I may get my Mum to teach me to knit haha! 

    Have a good evening all xx

  • I have a high bmi and I'm consultant led, I have extra folic acid, aspirin and vitamin d !

  • Had a lovely weekend. Skyped with my brother and his wife this lunchtime and they told me that she is expecting a baby! They have two each with their former spouses and this is their first together! I decided to tell them I am the very early stages of pregnancy too and we talked for ages about our experiences. She is 7 weeks ahead of me but seemed to have experienced it all exactly the same as me. Loads of similarities e.g. feeling very sick but not being sick, both O RH -ve blood group with +ve Hs, both get weird muscular tugging sensations and massive boobs! Why do they have to get so big so early? H says "Who are we to argue with nature?" with a cheeky grin on his face. He seems unaware that if he actually tried to given one of the a squeeze, he'd get a smack in the chops in a quarter of the time it took him to say human chorionic gonadotropin.

    I'm still technically too early to tell people but with my immediate family, in this situation, I'd want them to know if I MCed anyway. Exciting  times!

  • It's nice to have close family members to talk to about it all.  I told my sister right away because she's pregnant as well and I wanted her to know!  She's due in few, so well well ahead, but still nice to have someone close to share it with.  Though I wish we could actually see each other in real life and not be reliant on Skype!

  • We haven't told anyone yet, to be honest I don't think I will truly believe it and let myself get properly excited yet! I think once we have a scan it will all become so much more real and then we will tell everyone!

    Had a bit of a scary moment last night, with some pinky coloured discharge. Hoping this is all normal!

    Still feeling very nauseous but haven't actually been sick! Just need to eat about every 2 hours to keep the sickness at bay. Touch wood that continues! Have the odd tummy cramps and seem to have gone off sweet food. Have also got a little bump developing.

    Got my fingers crossed everything is ok!

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