Weekend 1st tri

Happy Saturday everyone!

Monnie, I didn't get to post on yesterday's thread but I saw your lovely scan pic and I'm so pleased everything's ok with the baby. 

Im having a productive if unexciting morning so far with lots of cleaning. Woo. Nothing to report baby wise, definitely feeling bear less sick than I was, I still feel sick some of the time, but it's only mild, I've not had to get my sick bucket out in over a week. I'm still counting down to the scan, week on Monday, so not too long now.

Hope everyone's having a fun weekend. 


  • Morning Spikey.  Glad you a feeling a little bit less sick today.  Long may it continue!!!!  Not long until that scan.  WooHoo!!!!

    AFM - I had 2 bouts of really severe cramping (see my separate thread).  Last night at 8pm and this morning at 2am.  Really hoping its just stretching and moving.  There is no blood so thats positive for now and also I feel fine.

    I got my early scan booked with the EPU yesterday. Its on Monday 25th November so only 2 weeks on Monday which seems a long time but hopefully it wont be.  Hopefully I'll make it that far too!!!!  I should be 8+1.

    Apart from that today will mostly consist of housework.  Booooooooooo

  • Morning ladies!

    SG not long to go, great news about the sickness,was you sick in your first pregnancy?

    cA I had some  awful cramping in the first few weeks, midwife said it was the baby nestling in and getting comfy xxx

    Afm no more bleeding! The scan reassured me loads, and the baby was hyper and dancing away we saw all the arms and legs etc, it was so amazing! They have however moved my next scan to the 26th so even longer to wait and I'll be 14 weeks :-(

  • Morning! Sorry at work so just a quick stop!

    Yay for early scans and boo for sickness and cramping!!

    Just need to say a big congrats to Pepperoni!!!

    Afm looking forward to my day off tomorrow I shall mostly be sleeping!!

  • Afternoon ladies.

    SG- great that you're feeling less sick, a week on Monday will be here in no time. Then you can tell everyone!

    Ca- sorry about the cramps, they sound sore. I hope they ease a bit, I know you want symptoms so I hope they carry on a bit- just that they're not so bad!

    Mon- still smiling about your scan. How come they moved your "12" week scan?

    BM- enjoy your day off tomorrow.

    AFM- well today hasn been good/bad. I have felt very queasy which I'm pleased about, however it led me to have an anxiety attack which isn't so good. I'm fine now but I was starting to lose the feeling in my hands and went really light headed. I think I'm probably more stressed than I'm letting on. Anyway, yay for symptoms, but hopefully that's the last panic attack I have.

  • CA, sorry about the cramping, that sounds unpleasant. From the other thread it seems fairly normal though- I've had a fair bit of cramping, but its not been too painful- period pain level generally. Yay for getting a scan booked.

    Monnie, yay for no more bleeding, and the positive scan news. How come they've moved the next one?

    BM, hope you have a nice day off tomorrow. Sleeping sounds blissful!

    Imp, sorry you're feeling sick and about the panic attack, that sounds scary. I hope you feel better soon on both counts. Look after yourself and try to find some nice relaxing things to do.

  • I have no idea? I'm very upset though! But my mum is going on holiday when I have my scan so she booked a private one today so she can come along and see our little moosh!

  • That's a shame they moved it, glad you've managed to book a private one though.

  • Happy Sunday everyone :)

    SG - glad the sickness is easing and not long until your scan now 

    CA - I hope the cramping hasn't come back, only 2wks for your scan, not long to wait 

    Monnie - I hope you haven't had any more bleeding and your Mum sounds lovely at booking the scan 

    BM - Hi if you are around but I should think you are all snuggled up in bed and not reading haha ;-)

    Imp - panic attacks are not good, I hope you are ok today? Definately try and relax more, easier said than done, I know!

    AFM - well off we went yesterday afternoon for our private scan at 9+4, before we left home, I was so cold and shivering, bloody nerves/worry, but so pleased and happy to announce we have a baby (only one as far as she could see), and it has a heartbeat and is the correct size for where we are currently. The sonographer put me back only one day, but she said it was 'perfect' for measurements etc, so so relieved and when she first put the thing on me the image appeared straight up on the big screen and the first thing she said was, well this one is a wriggler haha, so now that has stuck as a nickname. Its legs were moving about so fast it was just a blur. When she scanned me for the last time she said 'look its waving its little arm' haha! Can't quite believe it, but it feels more real to me now and I'm so glad we had the early scan. I've also got the normal NHS one on 2nd Dec, so not long to wait. Oh and a high 5 to me, my H said to me when we got back that he has agreed the girls name I had chosen/liked hehe, we haven't come close on a boys name yet. Have any of you already chosen names?

    She gave us 3 pics, not good at this stage but here's one of the better ones:

  • Morning all. Happy Sunday.

    Monnie - I'm so glad everything was ok at your scan. Another worry over. Hopefully that will be the last bit of bleeding worry for you xx. That's rubbish they moved your scan though. Booooooo to them but yay for private scans with your mum!!!

    BM - Hope you enjoy your day off and get to sleep all day as you've planned!!!!

    Imp - I hope you're doing better today. A panic attack sounds pretty scary. I can imagine you will be really stressed after everything you've been through. You know we are here for you whenever you need us xx

    AFM - 6 weeks today. This is a milestone for me. I had the best sleep I've had since I got my BFP last night. Didn't have those night cramps either. I didn't go my usual Saturday morning run yesterday so feel like I really should go today with H. We'll just do a little run and hopefully I'll feel less lazy!!!  Then I can relax on the couch for the rest of the day lol

  • Hey LeeLee. Missed you there. I'm so pleased for you that your scan went well and everything is looking great. Good work on the girls name too!!!!!  I've not even thought names yet. I'm still in the taking one day at a time stage and won't even consider anything at all baby related until after my 12 week scan. In fact it will probably be the new year before I think about it.

  • Leelee I'm so happy to see your post, I was thinking about you yesterday. I get you're absolutely over the moon!

    Ca- glad you slept better, that's great news and makes all the difference. I hope you enjoy your run.

    I'm off out for a walk to enjoy the sunshine, it's freezing cold but lovely and bright so perfect walking weather. Feeling a lot better than yesterday, still a little queasy but I'm fine with that.

  • Morning!

    SG, woohoo, less sickness is a good thing!

    CA, I'm glad you didn't have any more  ramps last night, and in bet you're excited for your scan.  I had one around the same time, and even though it didn't really resemble a baby on the screen, it was so easy for them to find the heartbeat, you'll be thrilled!

    Mon, I don't understand why they would have moved your next scan to when they won't be able to do the nuchal fold test, surely that makes it obsolete, since you've already had your pg dated bys cans, the only need for the 12-wk scan is the NT test!  Did you question it when you were there?  Call up the midwives for clarification of their reasons.  Or maybe you could call and just ask it to be rescheduled?  I rescheduled mine so I wouldn't have to come back from Paris more than once and they were happy for me to have it slightly earlier.  But I suppose it doesn't matter if you're having a private one with your mum now.

    Imp, I'm glad you're feeling better today.  Sounds like a scary thing, panic attacks.  Take care of yourself, this whole pregnancy business is a minefield of anxiety.

    AFM, we went to a wedding last night but left at half nine because I was shattered.  I couldn't eat the starter because it was brie, and the yummiest looking canapé was goats cheese, and they couldn't tell me if it was pasteurised or not :(. I decided to partake of the champagne for the toasts, but it completely turned my stomach, so I now don't feel like I'm missing out in the slights  just the thought of booze makes me feel a bit ill.  We stopped into bluewater on the way home and saw Thor (god, he's pretty!), and also cheekily tested out prams in mothercare.  The bugaboo buffalo is still the odds on favourite, and it's so easy to steer, maneuver, fold, unfold, etc.  i hope it wasn't a jinx to try them out!  12-wk scan is next Friday, and we will finally be telling our families then.  And I suppose I'll feel a bit less apprehensive about it all.  I don't think anything can completely allay all fears during pregnancy though.  All these worries will just be compounded when the baby actually arrives.. A lifetime of worrying is ahead of us all!

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