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Weekend 1st Tri - very late!

Thought I would start a weekend 1st Tri! 

Hope or everyone is well!

I went for an early scan yesterday at 7 weeks. Obviously baby hadn't been planned so I had to guess my due date and was only out by one day 7 + 1! Baby's a good size and has a nice strong heartbeat. All looks great.

Still awaiting my consultant appointment which hopefully will come through soon. 


  • Hi,

    So pleased for you furmummy x

    I'm now 9+2 and whilst the sickness isn't too bad the tiredness, constant peeing every hour even during the night and nausea is taking its toil. Just about to go for a nap once the little one runs out of energy himself!


  • Thank you!

    TP no idea how you manage with a toddler as well! Glad your sickness is better.

  • Hey ladies! Currently laying on the sofa unable to do anything! Been tired all weekend and had spells of nausea too.

    Scan in 5 days. Eek. Getting nervous x

  • Keeping everything crossed for you Rod!

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